Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My sister Sarah is a special angel sent from heaven-

We just visited Sarah and her little Gessel family over the last Wednesday to Wednesday week in Houston, Texas. We had a great time. I'd never been to Texas before. Ever. It's warm there.

The reason Deane's an angel, is she sent us with a million treats to munch on for the ride home including, but not limited to, homemade fruit roll ups, candy, fruits, powdered donuts, yogurt, Popsicles, and a couple jugs of crystal light.

Not only did she send us with all those goodies, but she also sent us home with two canisters of crystal light to enjoy at home- because she loves us. So I cannot wait to enjoy all those things, since we couldn't possibly eat the millions of things she sent us with on the 12 hour drive home. Even though it was made longer by the car accident that delayed our home arrival by an hour.

It was ok, because we car danced for the people outside our window. Canute also realized I hadn't ejected the banana peels from my car window a little later, and when confronted about it, I admitted I hadn't wanted the surrounding cars to judge me. Since I heard...even though it's stupid..that banana peels don't biodegrade in our contiguous area very well because bananas ripen in the equator.

As you see, I believe most things I hear, and the real reason is I didn't want people to think I was a litterbug even though I would have just been throwing out banana peels. What if they didn't care to check what I'd tossed out and just hated me forever for littering. Or worse, got out of their car to confront me about littering, and on their way to my car, slipped on the banana peels? Then what? Sue city.

During the week, we met Luke and bonded, played many games, watched several movies, and oil painted. Unfortunately, we didn't oil paint until the very last day of our stay in Houston, so our paintings are only have done and we had to split. So we will be finishing our together started oil paintings in separate locations.

I also found out my sister was very helpful and thoughtful in first grade. She suggested to her teacher, when asked about paper towel conservation, that people could save a lot of paper towels by just pushing down all the used paper towels in the trash can. Then your hands are dry, the trash isn't overflowing, and paper towels make a comeback.
Yesterday I made lasagne. I accidentally used tomato soup instead of tomato sauce. The cans look the same, but it tasted a little different. I also over peppered it. Oops.

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