Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today I started painting my room. It was pretty gross. There were skid marks and hand prints all over the walls..and some in very inaccessible places, so I'm not sure how they got there. The room had four little boys staying in it during the younger years, so that's why.

Grossest moment, pretty sure there was some leftover throw up on two of the walls. No kidding. Pretty sick. So I vinegar watered the walls today. Then, I talked over some ideas with my brother Canute. We discussed the wonderful nature of murals and how we should do one. So, against the better judgment of the females of style I know, we're painting an epic war scene on the walls of my room. I can't wait. Right now it's light blue on the walls and dark blue on the ceiling. It looks pretty good now.

With a mural though, it's going to be hardcore. Do you know anyone with an epic war scene on their bedroom walls? Yeah, me neither. I told Canute to not make it too scary. People do have to sleep in there. Overall, the little boys sleep on the couches in the living room, so I think we will keep the precious angel nieces and nephews in mind while we're brainstorming the room decor.

I don't know if we'll put stuff on every wall, I don't know yet. What do we have time to do? And we mostly just have white paint, so yeah. I'll fill you in as we go.

Tomorrow I'm doing Fedex training. That means I'll be driving with another trainee to figure out the scanner, the routes etc. Then, I'll be training some other days and then I'll start working for real. Training pays minimum wage, driving pays $11 an hour. So yeah, starting a route will be good for my wallet. I hope I don't get lost. I've been known to get lost when I don't know where I am. I'm a little nervous about my tendency for getting lost. Fedex may hate me by December, but I'll try my best.

Besides that? Not much.

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K. Thom said...

Wow, you write a ton. Good for you!