Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sand people

Yesterday I got home at 8:30. I'd driven around for Fedex until 3, gone visiting teaching, and then helped decorate the church for the singles regional Halloween dance. I was gone all day. When I got home, I was hungry. I looked in the fridge and saw some sketchy peppers. I cut those up along with some onions and tomatoes, and made fajitas.

However, I couldn't find any chicken, so I started looking for some beef. There was a cut of t-bone steak in our fridge that had been there for a while. I unwrapped it from the beef saturated paper and plastic to find..moldy t-bone. Which I called my mother over to witness. If I throw stuff away before proving its failings to my mother I get yelled at and it gets fished out of the trash. Sick I know.

So I showed her the mold and she told me to cut it out. It surrounded that steak completely. Ugh. I told her it was unsuitable to eat, so she could either throw it away or give it to the dog. She said, "I can't give it to the dog. It will kill him." Now you know, my mother loves our dog more than her own children.

I then gawked as she fished the moldy meat out of the trash can because she said "Animals will search for it in the trash cans, so I need to refreeze it and will put it in the can for the Monday trash pick up". Right, she's going to remember the rotten piece of meat she reinserted into the freezer four days ago. Not likely. I told her she couldn't.

I then suggested she put the rotten meat into a paint can. We've gone through a couple paint cans this week. It's very doable when your mom saves an inch of paint to use later. She also confessed to keeping a couple empty cans to mix paints in. That's why we have so much crap in our garage/house/attic.

Also, when I was filling my sister in..America, my dad listened in to the whole conversation. The point where I mentioned I had thrown out the meat, my dad interjected that in many countries they mold meat on purpose before they eat it. He was also disappointed I had thrown it out. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Of course he then read me several instances he had googled of people eating moldy meat- cured ham, cured cheeses, cooked meats, smoked meats. No fresh moldy meat examples were ever brought up. Hah, there you have it. Sick. Anyway. He also told me to make sure my water was hot when I made pizza two days ago b/c that's essential to the yeast raising cycle? Jigga-what? I guess I've never made anything with yeast before so I had no idea...

Then he was pretty defensive because of my sarcasm, so he said he would keep his knowledge treasures to himself from then on. Well if they're common knowledge, please do. Weirdly enough, I don't think most people would stick their finger into your already measured water and tell you something obvious like that, but I know someone who would.

I also ate German pancakes for breakfast and got a haircut. Snap. Next update- Halloween regional singles dance. Who could ask for anything more?

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