Saturday, November 28, 2009

This weakling-

I got kicked out of a youth dance last week. I went to dance..actually, I went to a baptism, to show my support and figured a youth dance would frost my cookies.

However, as I was gliding into the gym, Sister Beck called me out and told me I was too old to go to youth dances. She also said they are very strict when it comes to youth dances and attendees. I felt pretty foolish afterwards, especially since I had convinced another person to enter by saying nobody cared if a couple good oldies went along for the ride. Apparently they do care.

Also, I have a couple bruises. One such is on my leg courtesy of the FedEx truck. Another is courtesy of my 17 yr old brother Christian. He beats me mercilessly. It's quite ridiculous. He's much stronger than me and uses that to his full advantage. He likes to show me how much stronger he is than me and his shows always bring this strength to the light.

The only way I can actually gain some ground- so we are close to even and he's not totally dominating the contest of wills- is to bite him. I want you to know I am totally against biting, but Christian, he is a painful fighter. I can't do anything to stop him, so I have to bite him. It's the only thing I can do to bring him down with full effective success.

He does not like to eat real food, only cereal and toast. Today I found out he has decided to be an enemy to all the pies. I made him eat some strawberry rhubarb pie today and he said it was ok. WTH? Anyhow, he watches movies with me sometimes. And he's so sensitive.

What else, Thanksgiving was a day to be thankful for. I went to Cookie's house and we stuffed ourselves in between movies. Also, we have mounds and mounds of leaves outside our barn. Someone kindly dropped off millions of plastic bags full of leaves. These leaves I kindly distributed outside the pond. Mom distributed them in front of the boat. IN FRONT. My dad freaked out when I dumped them all out, even though they would decompose into our yard.

He said his plan was to dump them during the winter for the goats. On days like Christmas. What a guy. So we got a second delivery of leaves in plastic bags, which he specifically told us not to dump, and a do-gooder dumped them all for us!!! Hah! How do you like them apples? Also, you know how in the Bible it specifically says not to call your brother "Thou fool."? Well, when I called Christian fool today, my dad freaked out. Not a surprise, but seriously? I'm not marrying a crazy person.

We did a family Thanksgiving run. We ran very slowly...those of us that ran. My mom wore slacks, my dad wore jeans. We're pretty hardcore in this family. I also realized how much I dislike being touched when I run. During this run, where everyone was clustered around, many elbows were jostled etc. Not the least of these jostlers, Tina did her best to stay close. Tina, Hyrum, and I ran together. Neal and Christian ran together. Mom, Emily, and Sally walked together. Dad, Cookie, Megan, and Allyson walked together. It was a magical journey.

Also, best day ever..I have contracted the infamous winter cold. Every year it nabs me. Well, I've contracted it- the beast of all colds. Boo.


Sandy Brunson said...

I have a very pretty picture in my head of your family's Thanksgiving "run." I love it!

Kristie said...

Feel better, Miss Merilee!