Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm wearing Bonnie's jeans right now-

And they fit! Huzzah! For those of you that know Bonnie, and my hips, that's a miracle. Congratulations to me. Woot!

Christmas was awesome. I went to Houston Texas to hang out with Sarah and Greg and their baby Luke. Yay! It was loads of fun. For Christmas I got some blankets, some Cutco knives, and some BBC movies- including Pride & Prejudice. I also got a couple other sketchy movies...some nudies. Oops. I'll try not to suggest them when people come over. I am delighted about getting P&P, Jane Eyre, and BBC Emma though. Those are all treasured classics I did not previously own.

Aman, on our drive back from Houston we put on Bonnie's copy of Shania CD Up and it made me sooo happy. I totally forgot about that "Waiter, bring me water" song. The fav.

I also went to the Houston New Year's dance. That was choice. I was expecting a lot of interesting meat, but all I saw was the same old. I did see some cowboy boots, very exciting. However, weird as it sounds, it was very similar to most other LDS single's dances I've attended. You're probably not surprised. Neither was I.

In that: It started at 9 but nobody interesting came until 11, there were many two step songs you couldn't dance to alone at this desert time, the attractive boys stayed out in the hall, the weird boys asked me to dance for the last two songs when I had already picked who I wanted to dance with for those, thereby cheating me of my end of dance euphoria.

Highlights: two separate girls asked me where I had learned how to dance. I said "Church dances". Bonnie found some boy news. Lauren and Liz, darling twins, befriended me at the dance and then I had friends to dance with for the rest of it. I was wearing a golden peacock feather adorned shirt and powder so I looked pretty fly, for a white guy. I talked to Sweet Baby 18 on the phone to say Happy New Year and he again surprised and astonished me by saying terribly nice things to me. How does a 19 yr old boy get so skilled at girl niceties? It boggles my mind. I do like him.

I am wearing a scarf on my head. Along with the jeans, some curlers were left at our house by Bonster. So I put them in my hair, but the pins wouldn't hold on the bottom layer of my hair. Thereby necessitating some scarf wear until the curler heat left my hair gorgeously quaffed.

Much snow sits here in Missouri. I am astonished. No, disappointed. The cold begins to surround our house as the thermostat has broken. I need to missionary write some people so they'll write me on my mission. No news yet.


~*Alina*~ said...

haha, mer! never a dull moment in your life. glad you had fun!

bonnie peterson said...
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Amanda Petersen said...

Mer my friend...I love that you talk to me in your posts! It makes me so happy and you are the ONLY person who can still call me Aman...I love it! Also I love that Shania has such meaning for both of us. Good times!