Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's pretty chill here. The first day of training, we were told to stay 10 feet from the outer perimeter fence because 10-12 drug needles are thrown over a day. Apparently they leveled some abandoned warehouses these homeless people were living in and they're angry about it. I heard they were throwing needles at people inside the fence too. Wow. I can't wait for the real action to begin.

I'll be staying in a city by Vancouver called Whistler. We learned some routes yesterday. They seem pretty easy and it's a relatively small place. We're going to be living in stacked shipping containers..I haven't been inside, but that's what our rooming looks like. We're currently living in a hotel downtown.

We should get our credentials- id badges today. We get free food and board. We get paid by the day. Pretty sweet for all the half days we're doing, but I'll let you know how awesome it is when we're getting long days. I think I need some snow boots. It's pretty slushy out here and it hasn't snowed that recently.

I'll be driving around security personnel instead of athletes or tourists, so I probably won't have any crazy stories about meeting famous people on my buses. I've heard they have tons of free events out in Whistler and in Vancouver. I'll try to make the most of this little vacation.

Also, if you want more specific stuff about what we've been doing out here look up the dramastic blog on the side of my blog because my roomie Emily is way more regular about writing on her blog. So you can hear all about everything instead of just the little tidbits I remember at the moment.

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