Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hosting a burnt marshmello party-

I ate some icecream today. I've been wanted icecream for months. Well, usually I don't really care about icecream, but here in Vancouver I have a fantastic roommate named Emily. She's 6'1, writes poems, is a babe, and we get along famously. She's like my favorite mission companian. And I'm not even in Guatemala yet. She went on a mission to France. Deane, I told her to call you and talk in French. You will love her.

We had caramel rolo chocolate icecream. I quite enjoyed it. In a waffle cone. A great decision, because I started something beautiful last night and wished to make up for the joy of it all. With a heating pad and later, icecream.

Working in Whistler has its ups and downs. Firstly, I miss Dallin Sims like crazy. Yes, the 19 yr old baby. We are an item. Can you believe it? I am working out the kinks in my long distance relationship history...or rather making a history as we speak. I've never even wanted to continue a relationship from far away, because really, wouldn't it be easier to just start from scratch where you are? But I figured I'd have to start sometime, so why not now, when I've met the man of my dreams and am leaving for Guatemala in two months? It's going to be tough, there are many cool guys out here. What we have is fantastic. Like icecream. With a waffle cone. Quite delicious.

Whistler is a cold place. I don't know why it's named that, but this city could be named because of the freezing winds whistling through the trees. Or because people here whistle. Either one.

Work: I work here every other day. We just got cell phones, so people now have a way to call if their buses break down, or we can get called for our schedules etc. Also, if any of you, my readers wish to call me and have a Sprint or Nextell phone plan, we can talk for free! But who has that type of plan anyhow? If you do though, ask me and I'll send you my phone number and we'll talk for hours about Canada.

We do get paid for 5 days on, 2 days off. So we get paid whether we work or not. That's kind of nice. We also get to live in trailers for a month and a half and get three free meals a day. We had sandwiches for lunch in Vancouver, that got old pretty fast, but now we have different meals from cooks. Yay for not living in Vancouver. Plus, in V we had single rooms. Lame and lonely. I don't like having to hang out by myself. I'm no loner goon.

Vancouver has pretty narrow streets too and they're really only working one day a week, so that's doubly boring. I guess they have a ferry to ride if they want. We get free transportation in the city- it's an Olympic worker perk. Whistler's not so bad. We've gotten to church the last two weeks, but last week we accidentally went to a Spanish ward. It was in the same building as an English ward, but it was at a different time. Oops. I enjoyed it, but didn't get too much out of the talks.

Our rooms are pretty small, but I guess we don't need much when we just sit in there all day and watch movies. There's a workout place, but it's not open yet. The Olympics start Feb. 12, so that should make what we do more exciting. At least we'll have more people riding the shuttles, we're plenty slow right now. Boo. I'm sure I can rustle up something to do.


Hebbs said...

Oh thank you so much for that up date.. I have been wondering what Vancouver is like and Whistler...Chris left 2 days ago and I am one lonely loner. He is staying until the end of sad 2 months is a long time...well a mission is longer. So I didnt even know you got your call....yeah that will be amazing. I will visit you or send treats in Provo...congrats. Have fun in Canada. Be nice to Chris and his dad Vic...p.s your funny

Desi said...

Hey there! I wanted to see where you got your mission call so I checked Sarah's blog to find yours. I totally know who your roommate is in Vancouver! It's Emily Fairchild! She just moved out my singles ward in Pleasant Grove, UT. What a small world. You're gonna do great on your mission. I remember when Sarah and I were mtc comps and seeing you in the cafeteria. Good times!
-Desi Morrell