Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We the people-

We've got Chris: He's the boss and terribly high strung right now because nobody above him in line knows what's going on. We change meeting times all the time. It's hard to know what the times changes will be so word of mouth is gold here. Overall Chris is a chill guy, so I'm sure he'll be alright when everything goes back to normal.

Did I tell you we don't have radios? We're supposed to have cell phones but they won't work because they're American phones with Canadian sim cards. So they keep asking for a special code and we can't use them. If we get lost, we are pretty much screwed and we've only been training by driving routes for two days.

There's the Bellingham group: Tara and Justin, Josh and Ashley, and Ben. They talk mostly to each other, but they're pretty chill and funny.

There's the RCT group: Seth, Nick, Jeremy, Kersten, and Ree. They are more friendly and talk to everyone but mostly they hang out with each other.

Tyler, Rod, and Timothy are cool. They're lifelong friends and I watched Hot Rod with them. Timothy went to Russia on his mission and the other two have girlfriends. They wear beanies and are very musical. You would like them.

The older crew is: Vic, Alberto, Gregg, Rita, Neil, and Owen. Owen is from England so he has a cool accent. Rita often hangs out with the RCT group and with Gregg. Most of the older crew is married, but left their spouses at home.

The next group includes Matt, Adam, and Kevin. Kevin doesn't really look like any Kevin's I've ever met, so Emily and I were trying to figure out an alternative name for him. They are good times and all go to BYU.

The second wave of drivers comes at the end of January. Our bosses are Gail, Sue, Lloyd and their underlings are Pam, Tyler, Chase, Sarah, Alana, and Jen.

Lloyd sweats buckets and loves to talk. Gail is always sunshine and bananas. She gets us lunches and is always doing something productive.

Sue is crazy and really chill. She's like a ski supervisor. Not literally, but she kind of acts like it. Tyler runs marathons and I don't know much about all the others, but they seem nice. This was a good name practice for me. Thanks.

Now all I need to do is review all the crazy maps and turn by turns they gave us so I can drive tomorrow.

Oops oops. I forgot about Emily. Emily is my roomie. She's chill. I like her very much. We have been watching movies together and hot tubbing and being bored together. She writes in her journal and blog all the time which is why I referred you to her blog.


Amanda Petersen said...

I love the way that you write in your blog. It's totally like we're having a conversation. I can hear you literally saying all of those things. It makes me happy. i'm glad things are going well in Canada. Have I told you that Drew Horton is in Tucker's program with him? They're pretty good friends. We're hanging out with them this weekend. Him and Tucker had a good conversation about you yesterday....he's not sure if he remembers me but of course EVERYONE remembers you! Anyway...I forgot to tell you that.

Keep posting my friend...I love to hear it all!

Amy said...

Is your new favorite word chill? :)

emilyf said...

forgot? About me? We're in a fight.