Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm in Guatemala!

Also, can you send an email to julia hess saying how freakin excited I am that she put in her papers and is going to peru- That´s so super awesome! Tell her to pray a lot and read her scriptures and the Lord will do the rest. And I want her mission address so we can write each other. Thanks. Love, Hna Peterson

On 4/15/10, Merilee Enid Peterson wrote: Thanks for the pictures. Very cool to see them. Wish I was there. Did you get to listen to my phone calls¿ I called at the airport and it was during school. Oh well. We didn´t get out to Guatemala when we thought because the plane was broken. After 3 hours of sitting on the plane, they told us we weren´t going to fly. So we headed back to the MTC. It was nice to get back to the MTC b-c we hadn´t been able to pick up our scriptures from the bookstore before we left and it was going to cost us $70 to get them out here and we might never have gotten them. It was really nice to stay one more day with our great district and zone. Very nice. It´s nice to be here, but we speak a lot of spanish here. The Lord loves me, but sometimes I feel very tired. I only get mail once a week. But I guess it will be exciting to get it. I can´t send pictures from this mtc. Sorry. Love and kisses! Hna Peterson

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Kristie said...

!Buenos suerte! I love you! You're going to be amazing.