Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's P-day....Wednesday

To my family and friends.
Family, please send this to everyone: it's the emails I sent Grant and Canute and I ran out of time. Neal, I wrote you a letter in our family letter. Christian, thanks for the advice. I will try and do those things you said. Julia' I'm so excited you are going on a mission to Peru. You will be the best missionary ever. Give me your address so I can write you. Advice? I would just say read your scriptures because you won't get as much time to get friendly with them as you think b-c you have so much to do here. So cross reference and talk to people you know and date and do whatever you want, because you will love your mission!!!! Love!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????Elder Peterson, I am super glad to hear you don't eat your boogs. Please never start. It's a disgusting habit and will never help you in your dating life. Or any other part of your life.

I do get your emails, but we skipped our p-day last week, so we didn't have the greatest contact pattern last week. Not the greatest. Sorry about not writing you any letters so far and sorry if these emails seem caged together, the enter on these keyboards doesn't work, so the paragraphs on my emails are going to be ginormous. I only wrote about five letters today. I actually write letters all pday, which is why I have no idea where all my time goes here on p-day. Well, you know how it goes.

I'm glad the elders were glad to tell you they knew me. I'm surprised myself that I'm 26. Sometimes I that right? Then I shrug it off as age..

Man, I never knew how slow days could go until I got to this MTC. I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with sleep. I fall asleep in class and I feel like such a bum. It's never for long and I know I'm here for the right reasons. So yeah, I hope it wears off eventually. Here I sleep better since it's warm and cozy all night long. It's like summer night weather all day. It's soooo nice. However, I still wake up in the night to pee. It's good to drink water, but some parts of it are annoying. Guatemala is a cool place.

I'm in another trio..which means I've been in the MTC for four weeks and had four comps. These comps are great too though, so I've been getting lucky all over the place. They laugh all the time and we have good the right times. Today though, I prayed with thankfulness for letting us write bodies instead of letters. That was a rough prayer to end with reverence. I tried to do it fast, but my comps had already lost it. I also enjoy the elders in my district. There's Elder Tanner, Hale, and Francks. Francks was in the army and hates me. Tanner asks a lot of questions we laugh about about and Hale's a good Elder who tries hard. I love my teachers here. They are so patient with us. It's so sad and kind of sick how dependent we are on them. And the Lord really, when it comes down to it. Maybe sick isn't the word. Very different...which means I'm in a good training program.

Food here's pretty good. I did drink a juice this morning that tasted like I'd already drunk it, and thrown it back up into the I really couldn't make myself finish it. I just couldn't. don{t forget to look at that stuff I left in my room for you. We have had great food. The sisters here said to beware of diarrhea and constipation at the same time...or in unending cycles. I haven't had to worry about that thus far. I could eat prunes. And die. I despise prunes. However, maybe I'll be ok. I have been ok thus far and been drinking tons of water. Which is why I wake up in the middle of the night now. Yeah, my spelling's getting worse, which hopefully means I'm on my way to native spanish speaking. I'll let you know how it goes.

I sprained my ankle last Monday. It's black and bloated but doesn't really hurt much and never really did. S, o when I push my finger into my foot at night the indention stays for about a minute. I've put a makeshift sling into the bunk above me and put a tower of pillow-sheets at the foot of my bed so it can drain at night. No real aches, and not comfortable, but I don't want a perma'kankle. Something a girl here said her friend got after spraining her ankle. ARGHH! Not my favorite. It doesn't hurt much anymore though. I sprained it doing the sister step aerobics. I know, I'm the coolest.

That's the scoop I guess. Thanks for writing me. Keep me informed and I'll try keeping you in the letters. Love you!
Love, Hna Peterson


Peggi said...

Miss you Mer-Bear. Stay safe. You are awesome. Love, You, Peggi

Peggi said...

I wonder what p-day is? But you don't have to tell me. I guess it means post day or something like that, a day you can get and send mail? I'm sure you have very little time to respond to mail and many people who love and want to hear from you. Just know that I am one of the many who love you and keep you in prayer and in my heart. Juneau won't be as much fun without you. I'm looking forward to meeting your brother. Guatemala is so blessed to have you.