Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 2 at Provo MTC

Mom- I'm glad you've gotten my contact. I've been busy, but it's going well. I'm glad the crying is genetic, at least I'm not the only one crying. I got the tank tops today. Thank you SOSOSSo much. I really appreciated getting them b/c now I can wear all my clothes instead of only some. Very nice.
I got my flight plans for Guatemala today.I'm leaving for the Guat MTC April 13. So I know time is of the essence. Sorry. I didn't think it would matter that I wasn't there to transfer registration on my car. I'm jealous about the 80 degree weather. It's been pretty cool out here. Last week we prob. had 60's but not much warmer than that. We're not outside much, so it doesn't really matter.
Today is P-day and we got to the second time ever. Very nice. Much better on a full stomach and when you know what to expect. We get letters and dear elders every day they arrive...but we can only respond on P-day, so it's a good thing you sent that dearelder today b/c otherwise I couldn't have responded until next week. Today is that's my P-day. Until we go to the Guat MTC and then it will change. We leave for that MTC April 13..the time here just flies. It has already been a week and I have a lot to learn about teaching people.
I am in a trio. My comps are Sis. Evans and Sis. Forsyth. They complete me and we get along, but we don't know each other very well yet. We study a lot, so there isn't much time for girly they told us to leave childish things behind and I usually bond with girls about I'm trying to figure out new ways to bond with sisters. We have fun. We pray a lot. I can only pray in Spanish these days...a teacher challenge..which occurred our second day here. Love and kisses! Hna Peterson

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Bonnie said...

If you are interested, there is a wonderful Missionary Moms email group you can subscribe to. It has moms from El Salvador/San Salvador/Belize, and the 5 Guatemala missions. My son is currently serving in Guatemala City North Mission and he LOVES it there. I keep a blog of his letters. I also have other blogs that moms from his mission keep. You can access his blog at elderdavemays . blogspot . com
If you are interested in joining our moms group (very helpful if you have any questions about the mission, etc!!) Here's how:

Go to

Then scroll down to where it says: 1 Moms (of Elders) Registration

Click on that box. That will take you to a page where you can fill in your information and submit it. I guess you could just go directly to that page. It's at:

I wish your daughter well! It is a great mission!
Bonnie Mays
bmayz @ msn . com