Monday, June 28, 2010


Hna Varela and I are getting along way better now. We eat well, like queens. We talk in English more, this helps. And we joke around. It's such a relief to finally be getting along. I definitely had to lighten up. I was stressing out about everything. Now I feel way better about what we're doing. It took me a month. I hope it doesn't take me this long every time.

This week we made a cake for district meeting. We didnt have a cake pan, so we used an aluminum sauce pan. It didn't work well, but it worked. In a year I'll make brownies. I love food. Today we ate carne asada and bought a mountain of fruit and vegetables. Yes! The fresh produce here is great. I am glad we have consistent access to it. I'm trying to eat better than we ate at first. We fried a lot of stuff that first week. We're cutting back.

I also remembered no-bake cookies. Except I couldn't find peanut butter in the store we went to I'll try and find it at another store. If I can't find it anywhere...that's what I'd like in my next package. Be it Christmas or whenever. We ate something bad yesterday. I don't know what it was, but we both had boo today and cramps. That's code or spanish for Diarrhea. We get it a lot, but it's not constant like it was. bowel movements have never ever been so consistent. 4 times a day. Not joking. Twice in the morning and twice sometimes at night. Wow, I'm sure getting healthy here. My legs are like rocks. Or stones..Josh..or is that Grant? I don't know whose name means stone, but it's like my legs.

Now I just need a stone ab set and my body'll match. Food is my grand release in the middle and end of the day. I've never liked corn flakes so much. I don't really like cereal, but the milk I get is like evaporated milk, so it's rico..or delicious.

We have some families right now. We have some investigators. It's hard to keep them progressing b-c they lose interest really fast. I need to figure out how to not let that happen. Probably we need to visit more often, maybe at a different time with a different companion. Right now we're getting along fine and we're talking to a lot of people. It's a nice change. Thanks for the marriage tips. It's true.

I had a dream about this guy who wanted to ask me to marry him and I didn't want him to..two nights ago. I guess that means I'm still scared about marriage. Luckily I've got loads of time to get over that. Meanwhile I will try and keep a healthy relationship with food and pray for peanut butter so we can have some real cookies. We have cookies a lot for easy snacks, food. I know, it's bad for me,but fruit gets really messy on the go and sometimes it's just easier to eat cookies. Usually though, we're eating pretty healthy stuff.

Lots of love! The church is true! Love, Hna Peterson

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