Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot and Steamy

Wow, thanks for all the news. The porch by the house looks great with all that grass. Gardening sounds fun. Where's Josh? Still living at Graydon and Amy's? Thanks for the pictures, it's nice to see them.

Guati is raining a lot too. Sounds like it's just the same in both places, but the roads are probably better there. Also, thanks for letting people know how we're doing. We're all trying to do better I guess.

Let Sarah know brownies here are about $5 a box and we get about $40 a week for food and other items, so $5 for brownies or $5 for chocolate chips isn't going to happen. But if you want to send me some love, please do. Also, I love you. Love, hna p

Sorry, the computer I was on went crazy and stopped working. MOM, Glad to know Bonnie's still alive and working hard. You just tell her I love her and she's doing great. Hard work really pays off and I know she's working hard and she's doing great. I'm glad she's calling and letting you know how she is, b-c I wanted to know too.

This week was a good week. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I'll try to remember to take more. For further pictures on houses and stuff, look at Neal's mission pictures from El Salvador . I'm sure it's about the same. Also, Happy Father's Day this week! We have an activity for Father's Day Thursday. They had a bunch of rice they passed out in RS and the ladies in RS are cooking it. I'm pretty sure it's a stake activity.

Also, please let Sarah know we don't have an oven. I forgot to put that. I figured with brownie mix I'd just put some water in it and eat it raw. So if it's too expensive, don't worry about it. Also, I guess sunblock and tampons are expensive here, so if you want to send some of that with the maybe brownies, please do. And some of that stuff Dad talked about b-c of my sugar cravings. B-c otherwise, I'm going to be a tank when I come home.

The bugs love me. Family. I love you. Friends. I love you. The church is true. Spread the word. Please give the missionaries their contacts. They would really appreciate some. Those are the bomb! Love you all! Hna Peterson

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