Monday, June 28, 2010

June 21...short and sweet

Glad you enjoyed the brownies for me. Yeah, a zipper cover would be cool. I'm glad you got the letter in time for Father's day. I wish my mail came that fast. Here are some pictures from our field trip today. Could you send them around for me?

Yeah, big families are fun, but sacrifices must be made for them. I'm glad everyone in our family is in our family. A tour bus family trip would be awesome. We should go somewhere cool.

Frozen yogurt sounds amazing, I want it. Gross yogurt chunks..had some of those in the mtc. Nothing to miss out on. Where you there with ladies in the ward? Your baby dance group perhaps?

Transfers are every six weeks. I just had zone conference last Wednesday, so in another 6 weeks I guess. Zone Conference was a blessing. I really enjoyed seeing all the other missionaries and having some tips from the Pres. I got 4 letters and a package from mom. Thanks mom! Thought there might be some candy in there but no. Either way, packages are nice to see for you, no matter what{s inside. I don{t think I need a toaster oven here.

We have a gas burner and got an electric burner at our zone conference. Everyone did. Sorry Durago died, but he definitely served his time and his creakiness made me sad. Good thing most of the boys are gone, who would protect us from tpers w-o big D? I{m glad the bishop enjoys our emails. I{m sure Canute{s has more news and mine has more drama. Figures, since I{m a girl and quite dramatic. Amen to the gross long hair Elder P. About time to cut it.

Pretty sure I do have bed bugs. I never took my pillow out of its plastic cover and if you wanted to send me a plastic mattress cover I would not complain. As long as it sealed and was worthwhile I would totally use it. I wash my sheets every week, but I get bit. We got some insecticide from our mission pres{s wife at zone conference. I sprayed it down. I don{t know how long it lasts, but a cover would be great.

Today was a rough day for me. I had a field trip with my zone and we woke up at 3 in the morning. Note' I do not do well with little sleep. Not only that, but I had to walk with the sisters. Probably the most stressful day of my life. I have never wanted to be a man before. Today, I wanted to be a man all day. The sisters just took a million pictures in the same spot of themselves. Instead of exploring like I wanted, I had to stand there and wait for them to take picture after picture. I hated it. Have you ever wanted to scream? I know America has. I wanted to scream all day. I was screaming inside.

I think that means I need patience. I think that{s why the Lord wouldn{t let me get married and have children. B-c my children, if they were like that, would not live for long. And I have to stand directly next to my companion at all times. Or she gets mad. We get along when we eat, talk about boys, and talk in English. This means we need to talk in English more I think. Yes, definitely.. I will do better tomorrow with patience. The trip was awesome. We took some great pictures. Thanks for thinking of me and telling me where Josh is.

Um, today was a really stressful day for me.

We went to a place in Guat about 3 hours from Cobon. We saw lots of really cool natural pools in tierras. Lots of people were swimming in them. We could not. I had to walk with the sisters. I haven{t never ever in my life ever actually wanted to be a man until today. Today, when there were all sorts of cool things to see, the sisters spent the whole time in three spots taking picture after picture of themselves.

Have you ever wanted to scream? I scream inside all the time here. Especially today. Today I screamed inside all day. And my companion just kept telling me to be patient. Patience hermana. You need patience. Wait another hour for the same pictures to be taken again and again and again. Remember how I hate shopping? I hate watching other people take pictures of themselves more. And it was the whole day. But the fountains were cool. I just didn{t want to miss anything cool. So I stressed about missing the cool stuff all day as we saw the cool stuff.

In other news, I woke up at 3 in the morning. That{s my excuse. I think the elders...and sister in my zone think I{m a crab. I always seem to be crabby when we have zone activities. Probably because my companion makes me stand exactly next to her at all times and tells me to talk to people. And if we are not exactly next to each other she lectures me in a language I do not understand.

Thanks for all the updates. Love, Hna Peterson

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