Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost Christmas, Dec 13, 2010

Grant, Excellent. I{m glad you have a big tv. That will make up for my lack of tv. I had a dream I came home from my mission and could only remember the first half..prob. b-c I{ve only served the first half. Sarah was mad at me for not saying hi to her. We had a bake sale. It was a weird dream. They always are. I{m glad you got my letter. I finished another to you, but I won{t be sending it until next Monday.

HOpefully we can start this letter writing business for real. I{m seriously pleased you didn{t forget my advice and seriously displeased my car wouldn{t start for you. Lamesauce. Why is my car stupid? What did I ever do to deserve that curse? I don{t know. Boo to cars and boo to insurance for cars. What a pain in the apple.

Glad you{re writing a song for Bonnie. I want a song too. If you want to write me one. But I probably won{t be able to listen to it until September when I get home, so you{ve got some time. I sent the family a sweet Christmas package with something for everyone. The downside is I sent it Friday, so it{s going to get to MO prob. in January sometime so mom{ll have to mail everyone their gifts instead of handing them to them. Lame. But I think everyone will be pleased with the gifts.

Also, there are some pictures inside, one actually has pictures of my hair. Or two or three. I don{t remember. All with me have hair. Just how much. I saw a picture of me in Austria and my hair was really long and looked great. Why did I curse my self with short hair again? I knew better. Boooooo.

Good luck with finals. CTR. Don{t be preoccupied with girls. Tell mom I need to know the phone number to call Christmas. I need to know if it{s Sarah{s phone, mom{s phone, whoever{s, but I need the actual number and then I can plan when to call. But I need to know who to call.

Also, we have a manger scene in the city plaza this week, called the Pastorela. It{s going to be awesome we hope. Two weeks until the Pastorela, the guy planning told us he needed our suggestions for ideas. What? In two weeks you{re saying this is going to be ready? So pray for us.

Love you, Hna Peterson

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