Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost Christmas

Dad, Math is a nice thing to be good at. I{m glad you had a fun auction activity. We had a Christmas activity in the town square last week. We dressed up in our Israelite clothes and walked behind Mary, who rode a donkey, led by Joseph, to the mall. It was a nice reminder of what Christmas is all about. Afterwards, all the missionaries in my zone acted a silent scene of what happened in America with the signs of Jesus{ coming. I heard it went well, but we all felt kind of foolish doing it. It was really long and drawn out. It definitely could{ve used some work. The church is true.

MOM wrote: "Grant sat next to me while they were playing games and I was waiting to read scriptures and say family prayer. He said, "MOM, will you give me your sweater? I want your sweater.." I was wearing my Christmas sweater/ green, black with Christmas motifs and sequins, etc. Grant continued, " I want your sweater because I could win every ugly sweater contest I entered at BYU with that sweater...."

That{s really funny. Oh, sorry mom. Sweaters are great. And warm. I bought a black one this week. B-c it{s cold outside and I{ve had a deep cough for two weeks so I thought that would help me.

I got your packages. Thank you. I really appreciate the chocolate, the drink mixes, the vitamins, the stickers, and all the love you put into those boxes. You{re the best.

We had changes today. My comp is now Hna Endicott. My first North American comp. in the field. She{s really nice. I hope she wants to work hard. My last comp. wasted a lot of time in front of the mirror. I don{t know how, but we lost hours to her mirror time. I just want a comp. who wants to find and teach people. I hope having a NA comp. doesn{t hinder my spanish. I hope in one of the 12 messages I got from you there{s a phone number and time for me to call for Christmas. I have an hour to talk.

This week we had a manger scene activity in the center of Coban. We didn{t do much work this week or teach many lessons because of this activity. This week we{re going to work hard. I{m going to have a great 24 and 25 of December. I also got some new clothes from Sarah and some stickers. Bless her giant heart. I no longer feel like a bag lady when I dress myself.

The Lord answers all our prayers. I see miracles, personal miracles, in my life, every day. Love you, Merry Chrismas!


Thanks for your indepth news. As usual, comprehensive and interesting. I surely hope our call goes well, as I know our phone not the best. And well, I don{t know how well reception from Guate is. So yeah. I{ll call home and if they want me to call the computer from my phone, I can do that too, but tell them to have the number ready. I{ll call like 12. Maybe. I got a NA comp. Very cool. I hope. I just want to work. I don{t want another slacker comp. I{ve had a lot, I just want to bring people in by the busloads and the only way to do that is work. Hard work. I want to. Please.

The church is true. Heavenly Father loves us and answers our prayers- always. And Wow, I{m jealous of a Christmas at home. But here, we{re working hard. Or hardly working. I think my Christmas will be like every other day, b-c Christmas here is the 24th. But having a NA comp. will definitely change things. At least in our house. I{m a little relieved to not have to stay up until midnight the 24th. B-c that would be lame. I need my sleep. Especially with the phlegm cough I{ve had for 2 weeks. It{s disgusting. Yum.

You{re the best! CTR. Enjoy those cookies. I want me some delicious cakes and cookies. Here the sweets are...a little bit gross. Love you! Hna Peterson

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