Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec 6, 2010

Thanks for writing Deane. I appreciate it. Yeah, I know your life isn´t exciting, but mine isn´t either, so we´re about even. And I think about how I should´ve written all my siblings more on their missions. That´s about it.

Yeah, funny that Christian had the same experience as we had with the Romneys...running into them on Thanksgiving. How ridiculous we were and well, sometimes are. Hah, boys. Sometimes I think about how weird it would be to be married. And I realize I´m still not ready for that. But the elders here are great. Sometimes I´m surprised at how demanding the sisters are. How embarrassing. I´m trying to be a good sister and be a good missionary. I´m glad you had lots of movies for Luke to watch, because otherwise your trip would´ve been a nightmare.

Greg brought games you didn´t like on purpose? He would. I´m glad you at least saw half of Alice in Wonderland. I liked it. You should see the other half. My comp and I have realized we´re missing about 800 quetzales together. That´s a lot of money. My emergency fund from my we´re pretty sure our neighbor, landlady is stealing from us. What can we do? Not much. Not take our money out of the bank. But how do we use it if we can only take money out once a month from the atms? YEAH, crappy. I put my valuables in my suitcase and locked it. I hope that will keep her out. Otherwise, I´m not going to have any money or any way to pay our bills.

We got to see the Christmas devotional yesterday. I remember times when I could´ve seen those specials and didn´t want to. Now it´s a little different. Now I want to see them. I saw it in spanish and got most of it.

Remember how Josh always did pushups? Yeah, well, I guess it continued on. But yeah, I´ve seen pictures and it´s weird, but I´m sure he´s popular with the ladies and I hope he´s being good. All our brothers are giants.

Christmas is going to be weird in Guatemala. But good weird I hope. You´re the best sister ever!

Yeah, my hair{s not looking so hot, but it{s got some time to grow. Mostly, it{s prob. better to have a short ponytail than a long one. Maybe, but you may call me triangle head. My hair{s cut straight into the awkward stages of hair. Love from your Sister missionary in the field...

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