Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan 31, 2011

Thanks for the rehash of God{s plan at the end of your email. I enjoyed reading it and finding out what you{re learning. I didn{t really realized that was the woman{s big part in the plan until I came here on my mission and read Preach my Gospel a bunch. And Jesus the Christ.

I{m glad you enjoy your classes. I always thought it was super weird when boys didn{t wear their rings. B-c of the ring check. I always did it. Ridiculous. I feel the same way, they should totally wear their rings. However, maybe for projects it{s just easier without their rings. I{m glad you have a plan B. Thanks for filling me. It{s nice to hear what everyone{s doing.

I just found out I{m getting a change. I{m changing areas. That makes me sad b-c I like my area right now. Everyone{s great here and I like my comp. But I{m either moving around to another part of Coban, or going to the Polochik and learning a new language called Ketchi. It{s totally different from Spanish and English. And after my mission, I{ll never be able to use it again, but at least I{ll always have spanish. And knowing three languages would be cool.

That{s about all that{s going on here. The changes happen Wednesday morning. It{s super sunny outside here. Weird for February. Pray for me to get a good comp. Please have a fantastic Vday in two weeks. Good luck with the mens, I know there aren{t many in your classes, but they{ve got to be hiding out somewhere. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

Ps. I totally know about the Senioritis. I totally had it. Luckily my last semester was an internship and no classes, so it wasn{t as bad for me I don{t think. Love you! Mer

PPS. Also, for the rest of the family sending me letters, make sure and send them to this email. I got on really quick to my hotmail to make sure it didn{t get closed down from nonuse and it looked like there may have been one or two sent there that weren{t sent to my mission account. And I{m not really supposed to check that email ever. I just go on every six months or so to keep it alive.


Sorry you fractured your collarbone. That bites. One time, in my ski class, I was going down by myself and totally rotated my knee when falling. Sometimes it still hurts. Stupid ski class. I{m always nervous to go down fast b-c of things like that.

I can{t believe you said you squeaked by with a 90 percent. That{s not squeaking by, that{s soaring past the expected...for me. Usually. It{s a miracle I graduated from college. It{s always nice when you don{t have any plans. I usually go to sleep when we don{t have any plans either. But that{s usually around 9 or 930. Or 10 or 1030. So yeah, that{s the gist of it all.

I know about the key phrase thing. Definitely happens sometimes, but I agree about the mass email thing. Sometimes it{s just better not to. My hair grew this month. I{m pretty sure. So in a year, it may be on it{s way down. To my shoulders. We{ll just have to see. I got a change. Sad, b-c I liked my comp and my area, but Heavenly Father loves me. So I trust Him. And his decisions. Pray I get a good comp. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

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