Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 21, the week of the beans

Week update... Monday was a terrible Vday. Tuesday was the day we had our beans spoil b-c we left them in water three days and they smelled bad and grew roots. We wanted to feed them to the pig out back, but Lolli told us we couldn´t b-c he´d get hiccups. So we threw them out for the chickens and she made us some. Wednesday I saw a roach in the platanos which startled me and I threw up my arms and spilled about half the beans onto the fridge, the floor, and the wall. Not cool Hna Peterson.

Thursday we saw an iguana lizard in our house, like a mini volossa raptor. Very cool. But we named him Frank and sometimes he startles me b-c I looked somewhere and he´s just chilling. Like in our bookshelf, or on our microwave. We can´t catch him, he´s too fast. So we just told him to eat all the roaches.

Friday we did service and painted some wood with used motor oil. They told us to. Saturday we found an orphanage or home for abused girls and it was a really spiritual message. We are organizing some activities with the RS and YW to do there. We also had a baptism. Sunday we found a bunch of people to teach.

I cannot believe the little boys have other plans than the 8 stake laurel and priest event. In reality, that sounds like a dream come true for when I was a laurel. Too bad I´m too old, and on a mission, and that my brothers are chumps and won´t be going either. Who are the girls going to dance with if none of the foxy priests attend? Good question. Other foxy priests I guess.

Sounds like you´re all having good times in MO. Keep at it. The church, its family centered activities, and the scriptures will keep you on a spiritual high for your entire earthly existence. Keep on keeping on. Love, Hna Peterson

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