Monday, March 21, 2011

Gimme a little kiss, Mar 6, 2011

Spring break would be nice. I´m glad to know Christian was being a good uncle and watching Enchanted with the princesses. I would´ve liked to see it too during spring break. Maybe during Halloween break. Glad Josh is finishing up on his paperwork to be a high flying eagle.

The news...every week someone cuts in front of us in the supermarket line. Every week, ridiculous. My comp. Hna Urizar had a little time when she thought I wasn´t closing my eyes during prayers. She thought I wasn´t praying...I don´t know why. She was being paranoid about it though. Weird. I always want to pray.

My comp saw some people kissing in the street and she said, ¨In Guatemala, we call that eating in front of poor people.¨It was hilarious. A couple weeks ago we were in the street and two, not kidding, three yr olds were walking the other way. One had a big stick and hit me with it. Then he said to me in Spanish, ¨Gimme a little kiss.¨What? No. I was completely shocked. Welcome to Guatemala. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

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