Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feb 28, 2011

Dad, thanks for the great email, I enjoyed reading it all. Sounds like everyone in our family is exceling at autonomy. I hope I may also exel at that when I get home from my mission.

It´s hot here. Our neighbor has a pig and it stinks. Thanks for staying strong and never letting mom have a pig. Every day the smell is there. Nasty.

I don´t know the Bells at all. Maybe find another family with boys my age. HaHa. Joke. I know that´s semi impossible. We can have all sorts of family activities over Christmas. We could also think of some menos active families to invite over too. That would really help those people have a desire to go to church and activities more.

I´ve realized after this haircutting that I really don´t like my hair short. Or at least how it is now, so I´m growing it out. It could be half due to the fact I´m in Guatemala and the haircuts were terrible. But still, I think I´m learning my lesson.

Sounds like you´re having good times in MO. It´s hot in Guate. We went to see some ruins yesterday, so we´re emailing today. We got to walk around on a bunch of stone pyramids. Very worthwhile. My legs are a little tired today, but nothing I can´t handle. Our pet lizard Frank left us, or is hiding somewhere outside. I hope he still tries to eat all the roaches. Yeah Frank!

We have two baptisms the end of this week, very cool. Fabricio, who was supposed to get baptized 2 weeks ago, but smoked, and Maciel, who is an active member whose records they cannot find. So those are the baptisms.

I´ll probably get those packages you sent in the beginning of April, but thanks. I´ll try and send a disk of pictures this week, if I can burn them onto the disk. I´ve heard that´s better than sending zips in the mail, b-c zips get stolen more often.

Play sounds awesome. Wish I could´ve seen it. I´m glad Josh is finding his niche in the world. Love you all! Love, Hna Peterson

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