Monday, March 21, 2011

Hna Callejas, Mar 21, 2011

My new comp. She´s a native. Her name´s Hna Callejas. She´s from here. I love her. She speaks spanish. Very nice. I know, being an example is hard sometimes, b-c we´re trying to work hard and some days it´s hard to get home by 9, but we´re working on that. We live far from most of our investigators.

She cries a lot, just like me. She´s tall and skinny and eats a ton. She´s funny. Her bday is Jan 11, mine is the 13th. We´re pretty much mission twins. She´s going to wait here for her visa, b-c her mission is really in Argentina. She´s a hoot. I´m so lucky to be her comp.

I know I´ve been really blessed with my comps b-c I hear the crazy stories and am not having those terrible things happening to me anymore. It´s wonderful to be able to work hard and to have the opportunity to teach people the gospel every day.

I´m glad you had fun at Sarah´s house. I wish I could´ve been there. I´m glad the little boys went to the Cinderella ball even though they didn´t want to. The girls of the stake thank you for urging them. Glad you got home safe. You´re the best. Love, Hna Peterson

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