Monday, March 21, 2011

A tuk tuk, Mar 14, 2011

Re: Houston ahoy!
Wow, you have a lot to do. I miss my long hair.

We eat lots of cornflakes here. We´re going to have to eat differently b-c I am sick of what we´ve been eating. We got emergency changes today. They told us at 9 am we didn´t have changes, and they just told us we have emergency changes. Hna U is going to the cap and I´m training here. I´m pretty psyched. I hope I am a good mommy. I will pray a lot to train this newbie and help her start her mission time happily.

We walk a lot. Sometimes Hna U says, ¨We walked a lot today¨. I usually say ¨We walk a lot every day sister¨. Because it´s true. But I weigh the same, it´s just muscle now. So I am like an empala. The animal, not the car. I wish every day we had a car. Every day. Or a tuk tuk. That´s like a mini car, they drive around the whole of Poptun. They are useful when you are in a hurry, but they usually can´t be found when you need them. You know how that goes.

Sounds like you all have crazy fun stuff to do at Sarah´s house. I want to go. You´re the best. Love you so much. I didn´t get your letter- package yet, but they usually take forever to get. Thanks for the pictures. Sarah´s hair is so cute. I will have a year on the mission in 2 weeks. Wow. Time flies when you´re having fun. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

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