Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct 3, 2011 Almost trunky

Regarding Grant's current girl interest..
Ohhh, I like her. She´s pretty. I´m sure she´s amazing and I´m glad you are spending lots of time with her and also studying. I will probably talk on the phone with her when I get home. And with you and with everyone else in the world. I just reset the forwarding on my email. Very nice. So all my gmail emails will be in their real home when I get home.

Be good and CTR and I hope you really enjoyed Conference as I also did. We ate a cake today and pizza and I had 500 quetzales eaten by the ATM. Lame. It just never gave me my money. Lame. And I thought I´d have money to give back to my mission pres. but looks like it´s going to be less than I thought. It´s raining. I have one more week in the mission. Que bendicion. Love you, can´t wait to see you, not super trunky, but getting there. Love, Hna Peterson


My favorite was the quote about you being an older Brad Pitt. I guess I´ve been gone a while, I don´t remember ever making that connection, but I´m sure I´ll see it when I get home. I come home next week. I don´t know when, but next week...this week´s going to slip past.

We ate a cake for pday and the elders bought candles that were formed into an 18 for how many months I have in the mission. I cried. I gave them money for the cake, I didn´t know about the candles. I´m going to be sad to leave the wonderful people who live here. I´m serious. But it´s raining a lot right now. Like every day, so I probably won´t miss that.

Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

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