Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sept 12, 2011 Yaxha and Pizza Hut

Monday, September 12, 2011 6:15 PM
So I guess now I know Canute is going to be home before Thanksgiving.
That{s next change. That{s cool. This week I called the nurses too. I
called for cramps and feeling crappy too. I do eat lots of fruit and
drink lots of water though, so I{m not really sure what{s wrong with
me. So like Canute, if you don{t hear from me next week, I{ll be dead.
The Lord blesses us for serving Him though, so that{s the good news.

I found some hammocks today. So I{ll be bringing two home with
me...with the other stuff I{ve bought. Not too much, but some cool
stuff to make people glad I{m serving a mission.

I know the Lord wants us to share the gospel with infinite amounts of
people here in Guatemala and during our lives. So He will always give
us opportunities and the animo to do it.

It was a good week. We are having a hard time bringing people to
church, but we{re praying a lot and trying to do our part. We sure
love the people here. I also really love my companion Hna Bernardez.

Today we went to Yaxha and ate at Pizza Hut. It was my 3rd time to
Yaxha, but it{s a beautiful place, so I don{t mind going back every
couple months. The elders sitting in front of me asked what I was
doing when I came home and I started crying. It was a mini panic
attack. B-c a month isn{t a lot of time and it{s starting to hit me I
don{t have much time until I go back into the real time.

We always have guidance and blessings, so I shouldn{t be worried about
it. But you know how I am, a little dramatic at times but it usually
passes pretty fast. But yeah, I cried for a good 5 minutes in the
Pizza Hut bathroom. I feel good about my choice to be a missionary. I
had the same crying experience in Canada, right before I went on my
mission and look, I{m still alive and happy.

There are millions of mosquitos here. It rains a lot right now. Cool
that Canute{s on an island with a beach. I met a missionary new in our
zone whose sister is serving in the Liberty Jail visitor{s center. His
name{s Elder Nelson.

CTR and invite your friends to church.

Monday, September 12, 2011 6:21 PM
I didn{t get the pictures, but maybe they{re in another email. I am
glad to know Sarah is feeling better and that Bonnie got a sweet new
job. Maybe I{ll find the email about that a little further down in my
emails. Sickness is never good.

Good luck on your primary program. HEYEYEY! I got your package last
week. Thank you very much. We ate the chocolate and passed out the
child toys and I put up the notes from Aunt Pam and Uncle Gary on my
wall of love.

I also got a letter from Grant and from my comp from the CCM in Guate
that went home Sept 1. Very crazy to hear that she{s already in her
house. I{m glad I got to have a little more time on my mission.

So that{s the news in a nutshell. I hope Joshy finds time to study and
get his 36 on the ACT so he can get some sweet scholarships too. Love,
Hna Peterson

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