Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blitzkrieg week 1

Hello there family. Long time no speak. I've been busy. This last week and next week, we had a dating blitzkrieg for the Relief society. I've been trying to be a good example for the sisters, so I went on a date a day..2 on Sunday. That around all the other activities I already do made my schedule pretty tight. My week was busy.

I went to FHE Monday and we made a video for the Untalent Show scheduled for Saturday. I pretty much just pulled random girls and guys out of volleyball and pizza making for a video. I thought the shy people would be more likely to be in a video than in a live performance. We made a great video. It's on youtube. It was also shown first at the Untalent show. It was called the Untalent show because half was a performance portion and the other half was a showpiece portion. There were some dresses, paintings, stuffed animals, and drawings. It was cool. 

After filming for the movie, I went on a date with Robby. He's a guy in our ward who's really nice. He's a talented pianist-which he shared at the untalent show. We had froyo. I had a great time, but I think he knows now how crazy I am. He probably wasn't super surprised. 

After Institute on Tuesday, I took Kyle back to my place for a triple date. We played games and had milkshakes. It was fun. Kyle's a pretty shy guy, but he is coming out of his shell, which is great. 

I went out with Matt on Wednesday after practicing my clogging number with two girls from my ward- Susannah and Karen. We went to a bbq place called Armadillo Willie's. I liked it there, it had a cool atmosphere. We walked around the strip mall afterwards and just talked. We took some pictures, including one of a pamphlet vending machine. What? Never seen that before. They sold pamphlets, maps, travel books. Now I know. 

I went to the temple Thursday, got home taught, did some baptisms, and went to In'N'Out with Jimmy. We had a good talk. He loves dangerous things and camping. He's a redheaded swimmer. It was a good conversation. 

I went on a date with Scott Friday. I know him from soccer. He was surprised by our date,but we had fun. We went to Berkeley, right by where I work, and got burritos. We ate in a sketchy looking park by UC Berkeley campus and drew some pictures. We looked over Berkeley from the science center. 

I woke up Saturday morning at 6:30 am. I helped America sell games for cheap at a flea market. I also ended up spending some money on some jewelry. I should have kept my eyes closed, because I couldn't keep them from staring at that beautiful jewelry. This jewelry has the same colors, but isn't in the same design. Still fancy though. At 2, when I got home from helping, I went on a date with Patrick.

He's actually a really funny guy from church. I laughed the whole time. After eating smoothies, we just sat by the lake and talked. After my date, I went to practice with the girls for our clogging number. It was to Michael Jackson's ABC.  After practicing, we went to the Talent show. It was great. Our ward has a lot of talent. I was exhausted afterwards, so I didn't try to go on another date, I just went to bed.

Sunday, after the epic break the fast meal, inclusive of bagel pizza bites, tater tots, and chicken nuggets- I went on a date with our EQP Chris. Epic, not really epic, since it may have been equal to the pork and beans fast Sunday in which I was forced to make and then consume an entire pizza to prove a point. 

We had a fireside after my date, during which I was going to skype, but nobody was on. So I went to Elder Bednar's fireside and then to America and Don's game night with Andy- date 8 for the week. I had another date yesterday. I went to Safeway with Derrick and we talking about tv shows over ice cream drumsticks.

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