Friday, March 22, 2013

Placenta- Baby Food

First off, some people eat afterbirth, but it's not going to happen at my house. Not unless it's really healthy and goes well in enchiladas. Ladies, I'm having an after baby enchilada party, want to come? I mean, yeah, this giant ball of nutrients has been with me for a long time, let's send those nutrients off right.  We'll do it together. I'm not having any babies yet, but you gotta make plans about important future stuff like that.

It's possible I am the only person that thinks opening lockers sound like velociraptors.  Who doesn't think about dinosaurs when opening their locker? Just saying, the next time you go to the gym, pay attention. You could learn something useful. Like what I just told you. 

I found out, yesterday, when you follow someone's blog, you get emails when they update. I had no idea. I thought it was more useless- such as liking someone's comment on Facebook and clicking the button. Now I know the purpose of following blogs, I will be more likely to do that. You are welcome to follow me too, just not for real. I'd also like to say hello to the 11 people in Russia checking my blog. Hello. From America, the country, not my sister who informed me about blog following. 

As an aside, I like Kelly (Kelly and Michael) and Ellen from tv too. They are terribly interesting and likable. Unfortunately, I don't know them, yet. It will happen. Someday. Also, a shout out to Cheryl who just had surgery and Cheryl in Missouri, both whom I love. And to Bonnie, for being a great sister even if I am a crazy sister sometimes. 

I'd like to reflect on habits. I have some. Good ones, like showering, brushing and flossing my teeth, writing in my journal. Bad ones, like eating the same food for weeks until I can't look at it anymore. And totally weird ones, like having to visit the bathroom when I get to work.  It must be some kind of psychological productivity theory. I don't know if it works, but it certainly annoys me to be on such a defined schedule. 

Yet my schedule never wavers. I like scheduled activities and habits. It's hard for me to jump out of my deeply rutted path. I try to hop out sometimes, and seem to fall back into the ruts. Like eating sandwiches and burritos for lunch. Today I dipped a hard bagel in water. Why did I do that? I thought since it had gotten hard in a paper sack, water logged in a plastic sack it could be a bagel again. Just so you know, I just poked my bagel and it worked. Next week, I'm going to try branching out into real food. Never worked for long before, but I can make new habits. I have probably a billion tamales in my freezer. I should steam those and eat them. Mexican food= happiness. 

Let's talk about television. I've skirted this topic before, but I work in tv. I watch lots. I watch lots of commercials. I watch lots of commercials for shows about killers. I will make you a list. Everybody loves lists. * are for creepiness/less likelihood I would let my kids watch them. I would maybe let my 13 year old watch everything with two stars.

1. Bates Motel ****
2. Cult*****
3. NCIS**
4. NCIS: LA**
5. Criminal Minds****
6. Pretty Little Liars**
7. The Mentalist**
8. Bones**
9. Castle**
10. Body of Proof***
11. Grimm***
12. CSI**
13. CSI: NY**
14. Elementary***
15. Blue Bloods***
16. Law and Order***
17. Law and Order: SVU****
18. Hannibal*****
19. The Following*****
20. Deception***
21. Revenge***

I know, I don't have a 13 yr old, but seeing how much violence and creepiness is on tv makes me less likely to even have tv when I get to that point. Watching all these shows has really shown me the importance of balance. I think watching more family centered shows, or sitcoms would be better for my underlying current. You know, the good vibes current we have inside our homes and selves.

Honestly, I know sex and violence sell, but I shouldn't trade peace for the momentary entertainment it may bring to my life.  Getting inside the minds of killers takes the Spirit away from me because we cannot have good and evil inside us at the same time. So, I am going to make a more concentrated effort to watch good things and avoid things that creep me out. That's why I don't watch the news, so I don't know why I would watch fiction that shows the same stuff. That said, I want to see Vikings and The Bible on the History channel.

BTW, this is not a lecture for people who like murder mysteries, since I certainly have an affinity for watching them. It's more a rant about tv and a decision on my part to watch less violence (eat less chocolate) and read more books (eat more brussel sprouts and chicken). Next week, stop watching sexy shows ie. Scandal (guilty pleasure). It's hard enough for me, who has perspective, to keep on track. 

"The difficulties faced by gospel teachers—parents or those called or employed—are magnified by the modern technology to which their young students have instant access. As Sister Julie B. Beck, former Relief Society general president, described a few years ago: “There are mediamessages everywhere that are antifamily, and our young people are very connected with media. … Increasingly, our youth are seeing no reason to form a family or get married in spite of all the teaching you give them. They are being desensitized about the need to form eternal families.”5

I will speak about some of these antifamily messages and suggest some things we can teach to counteract them. In the context of your sequential scripture teaching, you are responsible to teach the basic doctrine of marriage and the family. My message is intended to help you in that effort. I seek to add to the remarkable, heaven-inspired recent outpouring of helps to strengthen our young members’ role in hastening the work of the Lord in these last days." Dallin H. Oaks; As He Thinketh in His Heart; CES Devotional;

I have some fears. I am not talking about the inexplicable intense fear I feel when a police car is in my vicinity. That's a different kind of irrational fear. I'm talking about fear of the future. Everyone does. The catch: I also have confidence and faith in the future. Hope helps me get through my doubts and insecurities. That said, I also have an amazing boyfriend who supports me through all my craziness. I am really lucky to have him in my life. #Charlesisthegreatest

Going to the temple in Oakland helps me with perspective. I get to go three times this week because of friends and significant events in their lives. This is why my life is so great, because I can shove past the fears and think about velociraptors. Thank goodness crocodiles ate all the dangerous dinosaurs. That's why they're my favorite animal. Amen. 

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