Friday, March 15, 2013


If we're talking about truffles right now, I need to find a chocolate truffle finding pig to rent. I don't really like mushrooms and I don't want to take care of a pig, so I think that's the best option for me right now. Pigs are stinky. We had one in our back yard in Guatemala. Until they sold it. To make bacon. And pork rinds. And pig ears. Each sold separately. 

Today, instead of wearing my hair down and curling it, I pasted it to my head with shellac. That's day three hair for you. I didn't even use a hair tie. I just twisted it into the semblance of a bun and bobby pinned it to my head. Then I doused it with an unhealthy amount of hairspray. It hasn't moved all day. However, I am going on a run after work. We shall see what this do can do. 

What is day three hair you ask: Day one, I just washed my hair last night, better curl it, blow dry it, or straighten it. That could last three days. That means I won't have to do my hair for three more days. If I live right. Day two, I didn't wash my hair last night. I can leave my hair down, put it halfway up, or recurl some parts to refresh it. Still looks good. Day three, better put it up. Doesn't matter if it's in braids, a ponytail, or a hat. If I leave it down, it's going to be weighted down by product and/or natural oils. It's going to look gross. 

The only thing that might redeem it, dry shampoo. That usually takes care of the smell. Day four, if it gets to day four, it had better go up. If I don't put it up, it parts itself all the way down the back, like unplanned pigtails. Thank you dear sweet cowlick, you keep me from repeatedly trying to get away with four or five day hair. I admit, I have wondered what that smell was, and realized it was my hair that needed a definite wash. Yep. That's me. 

This was an eventful and surprising day as per usual. I had burritos for lunch. They were delicious. I also wiped the giant wipe board clean today. It took forever. I like focusing on arm muscle growth when I do stuff like that. Other times my mind wanders to Mr. Miogi. He would have been proud. Our office is long and the wall is painted in wipe board material, so it was like painting a fence and waxing a car at the same time. 

Tonight I'm going to the Oakland temple. It's beautiful there. I've also got some friends playing water pong. I hope to see some of that goodness. I'm also on book three of the Wheel of Time. It's getting more interesting. Very interesting. 

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