Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ribbons, ribbons, anyone want ribbons

I watched four movies Saturday. Two of them were with my by myself. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Million Dollar Baby, Bucket List, and Robin Hood. I haven't watched that many movies in a long time. Especially in one day. I was going to visit the library, since it was a beautiful day, and I love reading outside so the sun reminds me to get books- but I live in Dublin. Therefore, the Dublin city annual St. Patrick's Day celebration was in full swing, right by the library, figures. So I couldn't get there because the road was blocked off. Instead of parking and walking around, I went home. I know, I'm a bum. It would have been fun. Maybe next year. 

Instead, I read outside my complex by the pond and fountains. It was a beautiful day, so I ended up falling asleep outside instead of reading much, but either way it was enjoyable. 

My hair needs a trim. I should have done it Saturday ie. the only day I have to do stuff like that, since most hair places close by 6. I get home about 6 every day. However, I was too busy sleeping to think about important stuff like that, so it didn't happen. 

Another piece on my to do list- stop watching horror shows and murder shows. Why you ask, well, because I think by watching that stuff every day my mind is bombarded by terrible images and trash taking up space that could be occupied by positive images and programs.  I'd rather have that stuff in my head. Speaking of space treats, right now I'm listening to the Backstreet Boys. Is it using up space, yes. Is that a bad thing? Never. 
And here's a list, since everyone loves lists:
1. Cream of wheat becomes a part of me every morning, with nothing added. No sugar, no nothin.

2. There's a stash of candy in my office desk drawer. I used to think that was so trite. Now, just a necessary evil.

3. Candles smell good. Not vanilla candles, just other kinds. Especially pine candles. Thanks Adrienne. 

4.  In my car, a candle melts and puts goodly scent into the air all day long. One time it spilled everywhere. Apple scented. How could I take it out of my car, when it smells so good? It's still there. Messy habit. Sometimes.

5. I have no kids, but will be an embarrassing mom: I still put my hands up in the car. 

6. Ribbons are lovely. I have an inexplicable desire to put them in my hair on a every other daily basis and don't. Coming soon.

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