Thursday, June 13, 2013


I feel the dufus. The other day I activated a check card for an online banking company. I felt pretty good about it. I used it once. Then I tried using it twice more and it didn't work. Unfortunately. 

I'll be honest; I felt frustrated. I didn't want the card to be defective or a hassle. I rued the day I opened the account. 

This morning I tried buying gas with it and the same thing happened. Grumble, mumble, stupid debit card. Stupid....DEBIT...card. Oh, yeah, I only put in like $30 when I opened the checking account. That makes a lot of sense. I've been using my credit card so long, I'd forgotten how debit cards worked. Oops. Silly rabbit. So today I put some more money in the account, so the card would have access to money. Now it should work. A+ for Merilee.

Speaking of A+, the genius I'm marrying got a 4.0 this semester. Go Charles! I don't think I ever managed a 4.0 in college..maybe. I was just too focused on helping other people..have fun.

I wish my mind were a little quicker so I could be good at Nertz. I also wish I were good at magic tricks. I really like magic tricks. 

I noticed about two months I think about Charles a lot. Whenever I see romantic shows or great guys who treat their ladies fine, I think of Charles. It just lights me up inside. It's nice. I like it. 

Review: "The Greatest" is a lifetime movie. I saw it on hulu. I actually really liked that movie. It was sad, but I enjoyed watching it immensely. It's about a high school kid who dies and how his family deals with it. 

Wedding planning is going alright. I got my dress in the mail and have an appointment to get it altered. I need to decide on what kind of cake and flowers to get. We have envelopes and pictures. We just need to finalize addresses and invites. 

BTW, if any of you people reading this haven't given me your address and you want an invite, you ought to send it to me. Then I can send you one. Otherwise, it will be difficult, because I'm not googling the world to get all the addresses I need. Not hat'nen. JSYK. We're going to address them hopefully this weekend and sending them out. 

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