Wednesday, June 5, 2013

For the win-

I watched a couple movies Monday. Two of which I really liked. The first was called Biloxi Blues and the second was called Motherhood.

Biloxi Blues was about some guys in an army training camp right before WWII ended, so they never actually went to war. It mainly focused on the bonding that happens in such situations. It reminded me a little of the bonding of missionaries, although the situation was obviously very different. 

It had Matthew Broderick and Christopher Walken. Can you ask for more? It was entertaining and I enjoyed the humor in it. He does visit a house of ill I'd skip from when he sits on the bed to the next scene. I muted it and switched windows for that part. 

The movie Motherhood had Uma Therman and was honestly how I think my life is going to be in ten years. The mom reminded me of my crazy self and the dad reminded me of how great Charles is to me. It was a little trippy to watch it with those lenses and made me nervous to be a mom, but it's going to happen, so I should get used to the idea.

Can I just add, I watched a Geico commercial with the Pillsbury doughboy and I love him. That doughboy is ultra cute. 

My wedding plans are coming along, which is good, because I only have two more months- 7 weeks- to figure everything out. I've been extremely lucky in that my family and fiance are fantastic and know I hate shopping and decorating and have taken it upon themselves to grab the bull by the horns. I've been pleased as punch to let them ride in my place. Bull riding sounds dangerous anyway. 

I need to pick flowers, sound out invites, decide on a cake, and work out a dress. However, everything else seems ok. We took some engagement pics Sunday. We registered at BBB yesterday. It only took 3 hours and we only tagged 10 pages worth of stuff. Turns out Charles is the one worried about matching the house, another evidence he is perfect for me. I chuckled to myself a couple times during our jaunt, since I can't quite wrap my head around the idea of wedding registries and people buying me stuff for getting married. 

Since I decided to marry Charles, I don't think I could get any luckier and happier and I cannot imagine people are giving me gifts for being so happy. I guess you could say that takes the cake- which is why we will be having cake at the receptions. Everyone knows wedding cake is delicious and worth the awkwardness of standing around at weddings. 

On that note, I'd just like to apologize in advance for the standing around awkwardness at my receptions and hope the people who can make it will just talk to each other because honestly, I know a lot of incredible people. Can you imagine, all those wonderful together at one time? Man, I can't wait. 

Other things to decide:

1. Hair: Up or down?
2. Shoes: White, non-ugly, semi-comfortable. Impossible? Possibly
3. What type of bunk bed to put in our room
4. Is that thing on Pinterest going to look as good when I do it?

As you see, I have done almost nothing, yet I feel I have done much to prepare for this event of a lifetime. Here comes the stress. Or so I've heard.

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Karen Schwarze said...

I like your stuff. I feel like it helps me get to know you:) Love it. Keep writing!