Friday, June 28, 2013

Money on the flo

When I was younger, I was a huge proponent for picking up loose change from the floor. I'd scan the hallways of my high school and was mowed down on a semi-weekly basis during a penny scoop. It was highly embarrassing to my friends. 

Now that I live in San Francisco, I don't pick up change from the ground. My reasons:

1. Nasty: San Francisco, CA vs. Blue Springs, MO is nasty. Especially on the ground. There are just more people. San Fran, I'm not judging you, I'm just stating the facts. 

2. I've gotten lazier and I don't think squatting for every pittance would be as easy to recover from..physically.

3. I'm rich now. I don't work at McD's anymore and therefore consider myself lucky and rich. I also stopped coming home reeking of grease havok. Now havoc is wreaked in bulk and continues rocksteady throughout the year. You are welcome. 

Note: Quarters and paper money: totes different story. 

Hulu reviews-

Deep in my Heart (2002)- This was a great movie about an adopted girl in the 60's who then tries to find her mother. It has an interesting format and lots of heart. I give it an A. 

Voyager- I knew it. I knew it would end like that. It was good, but I had a feeling about the end of that movie. Started off pretty slow, but very entertaining. I give it an A-. 

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