Thursday, August 15, 2013


Sand. I like sand. It seems to me there are lots of uses for it. Sand can be, get this, melted to make glass. How cool is that? On our honeymoon, Charles and I made a candle holder and a glass bowl. I use the term, made, loosely, because we actually just blew into little straws and spun the long pole and turned it. 

Was I nervous to ruin the candle holder? Yes I was. Was I glad Charles helped them with the bowl? Yes I was. Did we park in the bus pull in spot both times we went to the place and not even realize it until a group of locals, smoking next to the car, pointed it out? Yes, we did. Oops poops. 

At least we didn't get a ticket. We probably
wouldn't have parked there, except another car was parked in the "spot" ahead of us when we got there, so we thought nothing of it. That's my excuse. Excuses are so bogus. Here is my excuse for not eating the following items.

Things that make my teeth hurt when I eat them: 

1. Ice
2. Apples
3. Jolly ranchers
4. Green mangos
5. Starburst (only when I eat lots)

I've been watching a lot of Hollywood Game Night, So you Think you can dance, and America's got Talent. They are terribly interesting to watch. Turns out it's exciting to watch people get eliminated from contests. It's terribly disappointing when they get cut despite their talent. 

Speaking of talent, Charles and I participated in the Tri-Valley singles ward talent show on Monday. We did an interpretive dance of our story, written by Heidi Doxey, called Chazpunzel. 

Charles wore a long hair wig on his chest and I used my So you think you can dance skills. Andy wore a drape. Matt read the story. Alex did the music. It was a combined effort for our end of an era finale and it worked supremely well. We left with a bang and some fireworks- like what Joshy tried to do after our CA reception even thought it didn't work out like he wanted it to. He'll have it figured out for Bon's reception. 

Our house is getting more and more organized. Thanks Charles. Our roles have been switched a bit this week. He's been doing all the house stuff and I've been working. One of these days we'll have it all organized and figured out. Today is Thursday. Sometime before Saturday we'll be figuring out what to get with all the love people sent us in the mail and in cards at the receptions. 

Saturday we do a house shopping spree and go to the temple. That means I probs won't be at frisbee, but there's a little time in the middle of the day whatever I want. For example, finishing up thank you cards to our sweet friends and family.

I'm sure organizing items in my house will take up whatever other 30 minutes I can find Saturday that are not already being used. I don't actually have much planned, but Saturdays are always seemingly epic. 

Therefore, I wish to be like Saturday. Sometimes. 

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