Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Favorite things-

I know Oprah and Ellen do episodes about their favorite things. So I thought I should do the same. Although, in my version I won't be giving readers any of my favorite things. Sorry. I will do the giveaways after my first banked million. I pinky spit promise. "What are these beautiful pictures?" you ask. 
1. A water glass. I need to work a little more on my talents, this is step one: practice. I love art!! I also love water. 
2. Christmas in Germany. A wedding present from oversea cousins. Thanks a million! 

 3. A wedding present blanket. We wanted something fancy in our house. Adults have fancy bedspreads.
 4. A leafy treetops diorama. How cool is this? I got it because I coveted it from a friend and she saw it in my eyes. Next time.. there will be no next time. Say no to coveting. I do love this picture.
 5. Green felt supporting a wicker owl. I think you know a little more about coveting now, don't you.
 6. A magnificent quilt to match my other fancy bedspread and impress guests. Thanks Deane! She spent two years on it and I'm very impressed with the result. All of that business is hand stitched. See #1.

7. Life of Pi. I read it. I loved it. You should read it and love it too. Thanks for the picture, moviewaffler.com.
8. Babies. I love them. They are so precious and delicious. I don't want one yet, but I love holding this one.
 9. Krispy Kreme donuts are pretty much the only kind of donuts I like. Only fresh.
10. Charles. I love that man. He's my favorite. He's so nice and sometimes dresses up in fancy coral shorts to impress me. 

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