Friday, January 17, 2014

Swifter and Stronger-

I realized yesterday, talking with a group of friends, that I haven't made any show lists recently.

My faithful regulars
1. Nashville
2. Modern Family
3. Scandal
4. Chicago Fire
5. Graceland
6. Vikings
7. The Goldbergs
8. The Bachelor
9. Almost Human
10. America's got Talent

Shows that really tapered off for me
1. Agents of Shield
2. Once Upon a Time

We'll see shows
1. Suburgatory
2. Enlisted
3. Brooklyn 9-9

Funny Bachelor quotes/thoughts (
It seems pretty important, when you first come out of the limo, to make a big impression, because that's your big one-on-one chance. If you don't plan anything to say, it's going to be a big tank ex. Amy- during her big chance, she just stood in front of Juan Pablo in silence.
"He's my type; very attractive."
Massage therapists on these shows are always creepy, I hope it's just her intro- Amy.
"Not only am I pretty, but I'm not afraid to scratch people's eyes out".- Valerie
Lacy has short fingers.
Some of these girls look like Disney princesses eg.Clare.
Lucy: job- free spirit. Nuf said.
Sharleen- I know she got the first impression rose, but she's not feeling it. She's probably waiting for a surgeon.
I like Lauren, the music composer. She seems real.

Ok, real life. Charles did some crazy P90x exercises with my brother-in-law and thereby has been sore all week. Yet even in his highly debilitated physical condition, I cannot pin him. I cannot move his deadweight body when he plays dead on my chest. I can hardly dress him when he pretends to be paralyzed. How am I supposed to push him around if I can't overtake him physically? I submit multiple solutions: 

1. Get stronger.
2. Persuasion through treats
3. Battles of brains vs. brawn. Strike that. Beauty vs. brawn. Strike that. Nooo, no. Under qualified at every turn. Wait, he shaved the stache. It's on.
4. Wait one more day until he's even weaker. Then, use my backup strength.
5. Challenge his strength while he's asleep. There, that's how strong you are.
6. Always wear shoes around the house.

I got a soft new planner for my birthday and need to transfer all the important info. from my last planner. Coming soon. I am also finished reading "Life of Pi". Silly me, I thought it was based on a true story. It is not. What I hate? Looking on Wikipedia to see if it's a true story and accidentally reading the ending to the book, which I'm one cd away from myself. Boo. It's my own fault. Never marry a man who lies. 

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Rach said...

I can never beat Chris in a wrestling match either, unless I tickle him. But he's not ticklish every day, and has gotten extremely proficient at tickle-blocking. It's a tough life. Maybe I should convince Chris to do some P90X....