Monday, January 20, 2014

Sea of Glass

Saturday we had a pretty adventure.  In the beginning, we played ultimate frisbee with all the ultimate regulars. To end it, Charles got the frisbee from the person's backyard it was thrown into. Good job Charles. 

Then we went boating with Terry and Jennifer. Terry did not bring his dog Duke, which ended up being a good idea, because dogs are not allowed on Angel Island. It wasn't windy. Now I know what people are talking about when they say…sea of glass.

We hiked to the peak of Mt. Livermore, took pictures, and made eyes at the view. Terry then bet a fresh batch of cookies to the first person to reach the boat. I don't know if you've ever met Terry, or even heard about him, but he kills desserts. I mean, I don't know how he is with actual food, but he can make a mean carmel sauce, and we devoured those cookies as we would have a delicious burrito.

We started by walking down the mountain, then I left those suckers in my dust. Charles chased me, saying when he'd married me he thought he wouldn't have to chase me anymore. Darling boy. We then jogged together, laughing about how a certain sister would look on in dismay. (It's quite foolhardy to run while holding hands.)

Then we saw a deer jumping right in front of us. Oh deer. Right when we felt the safest, we looked back, and there was TERRY! He and Jennifer were coming upon us. So we ran. Fast. We were so fast. We ran until I made Charles go ahead and win it for us. I can only run at top speeds for so long. I'm a cheetah. Or, I can lope for hours. I'd spent all my running capacity, so Terry and Jennifer passed me. 

I just yelled at Charles to keep going and to win. He did. 20 minutes later, I made it to the boat with Jennifer. We got there before sunset. Unfortunately, the engine had some trouble. Puttered, slowed, sped up, puttered, slowed, sped up, and finally, died. Luckily, by then we'd left the scary part of the bay. We stopped in the inlet. Thank goodness Terry made us run down the mountain.

As Terry took out the oars, we sang noble songs. I waved at a passing 50 ft. sailboat. He passed us, and then, Zach came back. He offered us a tow, and brought us onto his boat. He said we hadn't looked too worried, but he thought he'd ask if we needed help. It was nice of him to come back. We had no lights and there was a tugboat moving a huge boat in the causeway ahead of us, so we might have gotten crushed. We didn't. Thanks Zach! He dropped us close to the dock and we(Terry) rowed the rest of the way. Hooray! We chose life!

At the dock, there was a guy on a little houseboat, smoking and declaring someone had stolen his gas can. He then told us he knew who did it. Sketch. Then, at the fish cleaning station, we saw an old lady cleaning her clothes. After closer inspection, she was our age, and she was still washing her clothes. I'm ashamed to say I didn't give her any of our leftover granola bars because I didn't know how to approach her with them. I didn't want to humiliate her. Next time, I will just ask. Ahh, courage.

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