Thursday, June 19, 2014

You're missing the Vagician-

I want you to watch this ad. Then I want you to call me. And we'll laugh and laugh and laugh. What a wonderful idea- a first moon party. I don't think you fully realize how excited I now am to have a daughter. I only have to wait another 13 years or so and I can totes do for her the best party ever. Woot.

After we have that good laugh, I want you to go to this site. As you consider actually buying such a book, I will also consider it. I love quotes by Jack Handey. He's a funny guy. I don't have any books by him. However, I do have a birthday coming up. In 6 months. So that's an idea for you.

Last week Charles and I watched Mary Poppins again. We had seen Saving Mr. Banks recently and wanted to see it again to notice things. I didn't really notice anything different, since I'd already seen it from a different perspective in my later years watching the movie.

I do love the scene where the guy has laughed himself onto the ceiling of his house. I don't know why it is so worrisome to everybody, since the only way to get him down is to depress the poor man. I think it would be better to keep him airily cheerful.

Ziggity jiggity. I'm working in Emeryville another month until we move down to San Luis Obispo. Our move-in date is July 18. So if you live here and want to do something before we leave for 3.5 hours south of San Fran, just call me. Charles and I have a pretty open calendar.

And if you have a hankering to help someone move, make it a double. July 18.


Ashley said...

You're the best and I miss you!

Rosanne said...

I laughed SO HARD at that First Moon party ad! It will never not be funny. "Why do you think I threw you the party?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA