Thursday, June 26, 2014


For Family Home Evening this week, Charles and I had a double date with some single friends. We went geocaching. Neither of us had ever gone before, but our friends had.

We went into downtown Hayward and looked for three separate treasures. If you haven't had that experience yet, you should totally do it. The only other experience I have with treasure hunting was at Heather Beck's 10th? birthday party.  The treasure was a Mighty Mouse water coloring book I kept for years, but never colored in.

After refining our treasure hunting skills, we found all three treasures. I thought we'd have time for more, but it was dark by the time we found the last targeted item. Most of them were small mint boxes. We used the stickers I'd brought, but failed to incorporate the book and clothing I had brought to make someone's geocaching adventure cooler than any thrift store visit.

With the size of those treasures, I will now speculate about finding geocaches every place we go. One was atop a parking garage, one was underneath an electric box, and another inside a fence post. The world is my oyster.


HJolley said...

I don't remember that birthday party at all. Why didn't you color in it?

Merilee said...

I loved it. I was savoring the thought. I also thought if I colored in it, I wouldn't have the chance later. That's actually true, since it burned in the house fire. Lesson learned. I had a track record when younger of not using things because I just liked having things. Like the soccer cones I wouldn't use and the ball that went flat.