Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day is coming up. It's Sunday. Just so you know, you ought to send your Dad a card for this day. He's a cool guy. Well, my Dad's pretty cool. 

In other news, my wedding ring keeps making my finger all rashy. I got it cleaned in April for the same thing. I don't know why, but it's not cool. It's actually raised, red, and pretty warm. Got that rash? Not cool.

Charles and I have been busy interspersing movies with Edwina. Edwina is our robot. She's taking the place of our sweet neighbor Betty Joe, who moved. Poor sweet Betty Joe, who we would have to sneak into our house quietly every night to avoid, so she didn't open her door and talk our ears off. Ears are hard work to grow back.

This fancy machine is called Edwina. She is Charles' robot. This activity was called the Love-O-Meter. You had to kiss the paper and the machine would tell you if you had hot lips. Apparently, I did not. So we blew on it. Even after becoming a breathless and dizzy, we barely upped the hot-lovin' index. Next on the list, being a cool cat. We're up for the challenge. 

Charles absolutely loves Edwina. She has not been neglected and is very versatile. When given the choice between hooking up our robot or watching a movie, I would say we liberally swap.

Speaking of watching movies, Charles and I just got a new tv. Thanks Mario, Windham, and Chelsea! It works great and actually turns on and off when you push power, instead of changing the volume and doing other fancy things like that. Luckily, it had not yet lost the button inside the console, like our tv at my parent's house. You'd have to poke your pinkie into the hole and hope it didn't get stuck inside every time you turned the television on or off. Woot for magical memories.

Speaking of magical. Big News: Last night, Charles used tweezers to grab a feisty bug that was halfway sticking out from our light fixture thingamajig in our bathroom. He grabbed it and flushed it with skill and gusto. The big news is Charles is a Bug KILLING Wizard! Woot! Check that off my dream list 1. Marry an exterminator. Ugh, gives me the shivers just thinking about that creepy bug. 

Mr. Cho, there's a spider in the kitchen. Did you see it? It's by the oven, in case you didn't see it. I'm calling Charlotte to tell her she'd better get added to her cousin's will, because he's on his way out. 

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