Wednesday, June 10, 2015


You love 'em. I love 'em.

Movie- The Congress- 1 out of 10
It was so bad. Do not ever watch it. Language, naked cartoons- whence we finally turned it off. It's not rated, but it's not good. Anyway, also weird and boring. So yeah, even though somehow it won lots of awards, don't bother.

Movie- Bella- 7 out of 10
Enjoyable, interesting, and had a sweet ending.

I just read eating green salad from green plates would make me want to eat more of it. That's why I eat so much white stuff- because our plates at home are white. What? I haven't yet read about brown plates, but I feel that may explain why I eat so many brownies, but only when they're served on brown plates. Makes sense.

I have the hunger man. So hungry today. It must be the ants in our closet. Yes, we have ants in our closet. They came in loads in December. Then we put out some poison. They take it to their nest and then we see them not again for a time. Like April. So we put out some more poison and we have a slow trickle of ants- way better than the outpouring received right after the poison was set. They were everywhere and it totes creeped me out.

Also, since I wrote this a while ago, and just realized it has been drafting for a while, I will add there is now a green/yellow spot forming on the ceiling of our walk-in closet. It somehow doesn't surprise me, since another person told me ants look for water during droughts just like other living things. So hopefully our landlady will not let our closet ceiling cave in on us. We shall see.

I also am imagining a giant mound of dead ant bodies gradually growing in size and rotting in that exact spot. I'll let you know which one it actually turns out to be.

We went to the Farmer's Market with Holly, Jack and Sammy. This is a real jungle gym made of bike rims.

This is the picture I made them take because they said Steam Alley didn't exist. Here's my proof along with all the skeptics. 

Sammy and Charles in Gum Alley. Mmmm. Chewy.

We the people in Gum Alley. Look how good we look! Wow, the gum is almost dimmed by our presences.

A salad I spilled in the back of my car. Luckily it went on the floor and didn't yet have any dressing on it. Whew! That was a close one.

Saturday Charles and I helped two families in our ward move. I found out one of the ladies is a book agent! What? I missed that chance because I am too lame to talk to new people? Anyway, perhaps I can yet woo her skills with my rhetoric. If anything comes of it, don't forget to buy my book. I will sign it for free!

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