Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A sneak peek

Here's what my actual quilt looks like. It's obviously not finished and looks quite drab as pictured. However, my friend Holly donated a red flannel sheet for the back, so it's now a very patriotic quilt. More updates to come for those sitting on the edge of their seats.

I did not plan it as well as you would have, but I tried to give it some sort of design. The design is jean fabric. Glad I could help you out there. 

As a side note, I now have 5 pairs of jean shorts. Sadly, I also went to put on one of my good pairs yesterday, and found a hole in the not knee. I will see if I can patch it at the dividing of the legs. I imagine that is a difficult place to secure a patch and maintain minimal chafing.

 This is an adorable picture of us taken in space. That's me sitting on Chewie's lap, with Yoda in my pocket, and Charles has obviously found the disembodied head of Darth Vader. Good times at the 2015 Blue and Gold Banquet.

This week I was able to help at the annual youth etiquette dinner. The theme was the Hunger Games. The teens rode around in a horse trailer outfitted with couches to simulate riding the train to the Capitol. We had a couple dressed as Effie and Caesar. They MC'd the event. Every table had 2 hosts that decorated the middle of the table as the different districts- we had district 12. Obviously. We populated it with poor people items and some metal items- we have a lot of those at home. 

I am sorry for the shoddy pictures. My friend Holly came as Charles' sub as he had a review session starting at the exact same time. I also braided her hair, but cannot figure out how to access the picture/video that she sent with those pictures attached. We got a lot of compliments on our fancy Capitol hair.

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