Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ode to Deane-

Deane, you're sweet with your very man's name.
Our house was blessed from the day you came.
The favorite sister to cut my hair.
Neal's favorite sister beyond compare.
You'd listen to Brittney Eleanor Rigby and laugh.
Early morning MTC breakfast staff.
We make up songs (that sometimes rhyme).
You have 6 pairs of thongs (the sandal kind).
3 kids you have, that are super cute.
Nice job dieting with your favorite fruit.
We're bakers and craft makers.
You adore those songs that are booty shakers.
Your husband is a silly mister.
Happy Birthday to a freaking awesome sister!

That poem is dedicated to my sister Sarah. Her birthday is tomorrow. She is great. I love her. Sometimes we talk for a long time. Sometimes it's a long time between our talks. She has good taste in movies, books, clothing, and treats. It is very similar to mine.  As Christian would say, "Sarah, you're a good person".

Happy Birthday to you!!!

PS- I totally used that ready-made Shutterfly book with that free code you sent out! Nicely done!
This is Sarah making sure her children don't eat too much candy at Halloween- especially the kind that is much too good for children.


HJolley said...

I love Sarah Peterson! I love Merilee Peterson! And i refuse to call any of my childhood friends by their married names because it just seems wrong. Wish we could have a beck/peterson reunion. the laughs would never stop.

Merilee said...

No, but seriously. We would just laugh and laugh.

Sarah Gessel said...

Let's make it a disney/star wars cruise.

bonnie peterson said...

I agree of course:)