Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Saturday and the advent of volunteerism-

Saturday was a good day for volunteering. Charles and I had the opportunity, not to hide eggs by Pismo Beach, but to assist in the gaming aspect. Easter is a special day and I think volunteering was a good way to emulate the life of Jesus Christ.

There were multiple free games, bounce houses, egg hunts, and good times. The most notable game for us, by far, was the frog/toad hammer hitter game. I don't know its official name, but it was quite violent.

It involved me sitting next to two levers. At one end was a hammer hitting spot and at the other end, a  rubber toad was placed. When the spot was hit, usually with great force, the toad would leap backward into a bulls eye pit. Actually, this actually only happened about 40% of the time. Most often, the toads would choose haphazardly when and where they would leap.

I tried to keep my hands back- due to a few enthusiastic children taking too naturally to striking the levers- with or without frogs placed. The greatest part about this game, was since I sat right next to the levers, a lot of rubber toads bounced off of me.

Luckily, I had taken upon my head a black top hat, with featured Easter bunny ears. This hat not only protected me from the toads, but also from the unrelenting sun. Instead of roasting my head/neck, arms, and legs, the sun was only successful in frying my right arm.

Charles, my sweet peach, walked around and gathered rogue frogs from around the target area and deposited them within my easy reach. My mantra was "2 kids, 5 tries". We also got a couple free hot dogs, breakfast burritos, donuts, chips, and drinks. Charles had some cookies and donuts, but I did not- no munchy March. We also got some free shirts. Woot.

We spent a lesser time at the peanut toss- where you toss foam peanuts into an elephant's trunk. Then, I was called away to (wo)man the bean bag toss. I did that for like 20 minutes perhaps. We stayed for about 5 hours and then took naps at home. I think. My mind is a little foggy lately, since I contracted the maniacal mucus magic of legends.

It is the worst. I assume it has come to lay siege to my body due to some societal faux pas incurred in my recent past. Perhaps this will teach me to watch how I interact with others.

I played work team softball yesterday and it was awesome. It turns out I do not like exercise, unless it is disguised as some type of organized sport. This is a turn of events since recess kickball- as I was never any good at kickball myself, and often felt sad about my inability to kick the ball well.

However, with softball, I do not feel completely inferior to everyone, and therefore enjoyed myself immensely.

The highlights

1. When Dugan the dog chewed through his leash and walked onto the field.
2. My hitting the ball a couple times- since strike outs are intensely demoralizing.
3. My sore throwing arm- which shows that I actually did something worthwhile yesterday after work.

In full disclosure of no munchy March, I did eat candied yams on Easter. I didn't want to hurt my feelings- because I know how hard I worked on them. They were delicious. So were the ham, deviled eggs, potatoes, fruit salad, bread, peas, and pop consumed. I never said I was a saint. However, I did pass on the carrot cake- even though it's a vegetable.

Here is a list of the treats I've passed up this month. Go me!
1. Blueberry cheesecake- my own fault. There is still a piece waiting for me in the freezer- thanks Charles!
2. Marshmallo matey crispy treats- from work on St. Patrick's Day
3. Cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, candy, and lemon love notes- from work- see what I have to deal with every day!
4. Robins eggs- they're hiding under my phone at work- waiting to hatch
5. Easter Carrot cake
6. Ice cream and oreos after the women's conference

Luckily I didn't have to forego brownies this month. My friends at work don't know about my chocolate brownie and caramel weak spot. I mean, yeah, I could do it, but those are a little harder to resist.

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