Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter, the real Christmas

As Easter sneaks upon us once again, I realize another year has passed and my life is the same and yet has changed quite radically for the better.

1. Boy Crazy- When I was a little girl, I was boy crazy. As I got older , this malady got worse and worse. I dated a lot, continuing on this path of reckless abandon of feelings until I got hitched. Yesterday, Charles told me twice that I was acting creepy- once while I stood watching him eat peanut butter fudge cups and the other time, as I stood outside the shower curtain. I suppose he has a point there. 

If he was staring at me for 5 minutes with unblinking eyes while I ate Mounds candy bars, I would also be creeped out. However, it would probably be more confusion than the willies, as he doesn't like Mounds candy bars due to their coconut content.

It's nice to know he still likes me even when I get weird. That's not the weirdest I get, but we'll leave that for later lists. I will add that singing the MILK song before cub scouts has helped me demonstrate the coolness of being weird. My favorite part about camp was always the singing portion- it nurtures such camaraderie.

Therefore, I am still boy crazy- but I focus this craziness onto one lucky man. You're welcome Charles. I'm only getting weirder.

2. Baking- My mother's suggestions for school lunches were the greatest. They usually included the following list of items: apples, carrots, dried fruit, sandwiches, and bananas. These items, although interesting choices, did not conglomerate to make a child's ideal lunch.

After eating a selection of the above items at school for my lunch, I would then come home and make something worthwhile. The go to group included homemade pizza, ramen, brownies, or baked goodies. 

Now, I have realized the importance of variety in my diet. I get bored with foods more easily these days, and enjoy trying new recipes. The easiest way is googling recipes that include key ingredients from my fridge or pantry. Charles and I then live off the leftovers for three days and then the cycle starts again.

Luckily, I married someone who also enjoys cooking. The best food days are those when he doesn't have school, so he makes something delicious to surprise me. Mmmmanicotti. So now you know, I still eat. Thankfully, the internet has widened my nutrition net as well as a recent discovery of the deliciousness of tiny asparagus, green beans, and squash.

3. Gratitude- Remember that time my mom got me a yellow nightgown and Sarah and Bonnie got pink gowns? I pouted all day. Or that one time Canute got me a harmonica on a necklace and Sarah had to tell me not to be ungrateful for his heartfelt gift? Yeah, I've tried being a little more gracious about gifts than I used to be. 

Expressions of gratitude toward my family, friends, Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father have come more easily to me lately. I know this is partly due to certain trials that have come my way in recent years.

College was an amazing time for me. I got to refine myself and took classes I hadn't ever thought about taking before. Aman, Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts was way harder than my sister let on, as you well know. I met some amazing friends, that I don't ever see, but still adore. I stalk all of you regularly on Facebook and I just love you.

In Russia, I was grateful for the jar of peanut butter we brought with us- thanks Tryna- and the opportunity to learn firsthand about a vastly different culture than my own. I also enjoyed making paper dolls for my friend Jonah, Ali's friend, who was serving a mission in Russia at the same time. When I saw him at BYU, we recognized each other from across the CougarEat, even though we'd never met in real life.

Living in Alaska for multiple summers made me realize how grateful I am for sunshine. It also clarified how much I enjoy attending church every Sunday. During those summers, I was not so lucky and I could see the difference it made in my life. SD and Jen, I miss you.

When I visited Germany and decided to serve a mission, multiple people told me I would probably serve a foreign mission since I had already lived outside of the United States. I got to travel a lot, met new people, saw lots of cool architecture and artifacts and did some dangerous things- like bungee jumping in Italy. Jas- it was Italy right?

On my mission, I was grateful for so much available fresh fruit since I got tired of eating cereal, beans, and scrambled eggs all the time. I was grateful when people talked courteously to us about the gospel of Jesus Christ even if they weren't interested in our particular message. I looked for and saw a multitude of small blessings over the course of this difficult span of 18 months. I still dream about the people of Guatemala. !Les extra├▒o! That says- I miss you guys! in Spanish.

After my mission, I moved to California instead of Texas. I arrived back the day before one of my greatest childhood friends got married. Thanks for waiting for my Kristi! I also left right before another great childhood friend got married and was able to help Heather fix the mullet madness some lady had done as her reception hairdo. What a blessing to see both of them during that special time!

After fighting the rightness of marrying Charles, I prayed diligently and finally realized how much my agency is worth. It truly was my choice to marry him and I'm grateful that he's just as weird as me. Thanks for being nice Charles! And for not giving up. And for your sweetness.

And now I am grateful to not have children. It is sometimes hard to be thankful for this, but I am trying to be grateful for being where I am instead of where I want to be. Besides, with more mouths, you have to hide the treats. Right now, those treats just chill in the open.

I am also grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who died that we might all live. He is a wonderful brother and one I wish to emulate. Thank you for your example!

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HJolley said...

I'm still so grateful that you fixed my hair for my wedding. You saved me from disastrous photos, my friend!!!