Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'd just like to add something with my new found picture freedom-

In reference to an earlier story from my great train awakening, I was walking past a train in Barcelona and well, as a rehash..

I was walking past all the train cars, paying little attention to anything around me, when I looked over and saw an attractive Italian man, standing by the open train car door. He looked to be kind of exotic and interesting. Anyway, I thought he was terribly handsome and my jaw dropped. As luck would have it, I wasn't watching where I was going, and ran into an old guy who was walking the opposite direction from me. It could have been less embarrassing, but I had just locked eyes with Mr. Handsome by the train and then run into someone because of it. I did not demonstrate my age grace. 

Point is, he asked if I was American. I said yeah, just a stupid American. He said, "Me too." Then he got kind of chatty, but I felt so dumb, I ran into the train car. He was in the room right next to ours and ended up coming over during the ride and talking to us for a while. He was an interesting man. He flew helicopters, etc. Anyway, I have a picture. That's what all this accumulates to. I would have inserted it earlier, but you would have had to wade through my numerous other accounts. So.


Candice said...

A very attractive, Italian looking man, who is really American. Can I have one?

TPlayer said...

I agree with you. PS... you're out of control