Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm a blog formatting idiot.

So if you have noticed my blog looks stupid, that's why. I wish I could make my blog look like Heidi Simpson's, but I can't. I don't know how to put pictures in between my blog quotes because I'm not sure how to change the code and that's the only way I can do it on these terribly basic templates. Deane knows how to do it. How do you do it Deane?

I've commented on it before, but it is a never ending battle with me. A stupid never ending battle, but a battle nonetheless.  I've also put ads on my blog. Don't worry about it. I'll let you know later if it's worth it. I mean, probably not, but I could always use a nickel here and there.

On the up side, I just booked a ticket to Portugal. I'll be there for 2.5 days. It will be a cool experience I'm sure. I've never been to Portugal and my brother Grant says it's sensational. Of course he said that, he's on his mission there.

I never thought I'd say this, but we got special permission and I get to have a pday lunch with him. I would have never dreamed to ask, but if Grant asked and got a yes, I wouldn't dream of not going. Especially since I'll probably be gone on a mission sometime before he gets back and it would be really cool to see him before I myself am gone for a year and a half.

I'll be there June 16-19th. It will be a nice last trip before I head back to the USA. I'm going to Dachau Wednesday or Thursday with Marie. I will probably get the headset and listen to all the sad stories. I missed out at the end of my last trip and want to see it before I leave.

Guess what else is happening before I leave? I'm going on a date. Unforeseeable I agree. However, when we got back from our 5.5 miler today, there was a message on the machine. Carissa, the angel from the tantrum story, has a brother-in-law visiting this week. I think his name is Robert? Anyway, the message asked Danielle to ask me if I was doing anything and if I'd like to go with Robert on a date. It was the most roundabout date asking ever.

Now you know my life; I'm still living in middle school. So I called Carissa back and she said she was coming on base tomorrow at 11:30. We're going to lunch. She will be driving us...does that mean we'll be in the back seat together? Awkward! 

So my mission tomorrow is to see if it was completely her suggestion or if he thought of it. I think it was her idea, because she said her meddling for the day was done. So I think that answers my question. I was a little confused, because I'll never see him again so what's the point, but it'll be good practice. Maybe I'll get an awesome awkward story out of it. My book's still looking for additives- until it's a go.

But if he doesn't want to go, does that mean I should bring money? I hate dates, but when the circumstances are weird, I dislike them more. Yeah.

I ran 10 miles Friday. Surely an experience I shall never forget, running this distance was doable. I will be doing it again this Friday. Some days I think I am a superhero. Those are usually break days.

Danielle and I often speak on the difficulty of running. We've decided running should get easier the more you do it. I heard that's the method for improvement. However, when I'm still sucking air at 2 miles, I just can't seem to believe it.

I think those first 2-3 miles will always be the bad ones, after that invincibility hits. After 3 miles, you can run anything. That's the trick nobody tells you. When you're in the zone, miles can pass. I read a book about it. The green song sound familiar? I think green song may be made up, but it seems to be a haze you can run in forever. Ipods assist in this hazing. Luckily Danielle had an extra one, otherwise I don't know if I would have made it this far. They're so handy. Bless technology bunches.

Meanwhile, my hair is becoming unseemly. My bosom buddies know this makes me obsessive about it. This topic now crops up in every venue imaginable. I'm a hair addict and this has recently come back to light with my inability to pay 25 bones for a haircut, when I could wait a month and get it cut for 10. And so I wait.  I wish I could draw a picture on this stupid blog. 

Picture time:  

 ((  ))
(((  )))

[[  ]]
||  ||
 "   "
Whatever. If you want to see my hair before and after, just redo the three lines above each other and look at them. I give up. 

I think I'd like to have my hair look like this. Is this a terrible sketch? Three layers, with my no body hair should be ample. Then maybe get it feathered in the front? I don't know what the heck I'm talking about.  The first picture is the back, the second the front. Hopefully the cut looks nothing like my sketches because if it does, I will look like a snowman with 80's hair.

The second two diagrams are what my hideous hair looks like now. Those sketches took me a lot of time, so go easy.

Let's see, is there anything else I forgot to mention? Sorry to all the hairstylists reading this blog? Sorry to any males who started reading this thinking it would be entertaining in any way. Sorry to Ali because I know she hates it when I talk about hair. 

I'm reading that Eragon series. I seriously don't know if I can finish the last three books in the next three weeks. I'm halfway through the second book. I'll make a valiant effort. I also saw Night at the Museum II. Hilarious...much better than the first one. 

I'm a geek, or maybe I watched this with a bunch of kids, so it was funnier? I think I would have liked it either way. I especially liked the lispy Egyptian king.  But as we all know, all the geeks come from Missouri, so it probably is the reason.

Remember how I said maybe I should write shorter blogs? Maybe I just thought it? I don't think it's going to happen. Anyway, just a consequence of living in a setting far away from everyone I know. Almost everyone I know. Phones are beautiful devices.

Can you recycle wood in the paper recycling bin?

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Sandy said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. Don't make them shorter!

I am living somewhat vicariously through you and enjoying the travels and adventures.