Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My date-

Sweet sweet success. Thanks Deane. Except I think this still swings left and I want it in the middle, not the kind of left. Blasted inferno snakes. The bottom picture, which will hopefully stay under my post, is a picture taken at a friend in the ward's house, the Wolfes. The second from Rothenburg. I cannot believe how incompetent I am these days. This is what comes from eating too much.

Ok. Close enough. Hah. And you thought this was going to say something about my blind date. Well, kind of blind. I'd met him already.

It turned out alright actually. Carissa drove Robert and me to the center of Bamberg. I wasn't sure if the kids were coming to the restaurant with us, but they didn't.

We had a good talk over lunch, we had much in common. Then we started walking downtown Bamburg. Along the way, a strange man started laughing and muttering behind us. He had a bike with him, so the bike may or may not have been a great conversationalist. I thought it was weird. Robert thought it was pretty uneventful.

We walked up by the monastery and had a good amount of conversational feeds. Then we walked through a garden. It was beautiful, green, lush. In the middle of the garden was a CHERRY tree. I like fruit, especially fresh fruit. I love cherries. I tried to think of a way to get to those cherries.

As it was, the accessible cherries had already been accessed. I tried to think of a way to climb the tree, jump the branch and do a pullup into the tree- trained by Jas. Then I figured I would probably die because I would have to let go with one hand to pick some cherries and that wouldn't do.

So Robert, seeing me pace and fume at those cherries for a good five minutes, being a good sport and having strong knees, presented a plan. It seemed to be a good plan. I wasn't sure if it would go well, I'm not terribly coordinated. Robert patted his knee, told me to step onto it, and then he would lift me up to those cherries. I asked, "Well...are you sure?" I was not feeling terribly confident in my jump and pick capabilities.

My new skill is the jump and kick. So in my new cheerleading routine, I stepped up with my left leg, and swung up with my right leg. Straight into Roberto's crotch. Then I stepped down onto the grass and we decided the cherry option was not worth the inherent risks and walked away from the temptation tree.

Thankfully, Robert just let the awkward moment pass by. There was huge potential for rocket launches to be fueled by my embarrassment, but as off a duck's back, this experience washed off and was forgotten. Kind of.

Right after that experience, I noticed a little sore under my toe was acting up and asked Robert for a band aid and bless his soul, he did. So I doctored up my toe, we walked around a little more, and then we called our ride back to the square.

Take no notice we got a little lost on our way back to the square and when we got to my house I just popped out of the minivan with a thanks for, "Lunch and the...walk....around." Overall, it was a nice outing. Thanks Carissa, for the meddling. It was nice to go on a date around Bamburg.

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