Saturday, June 20, 2009

My cousin, Mr. Myogi-

Friday, after I got picked up from the airport following my Lisbon trip, I found out something amazing. My cousin, Mike, can catch flies with his hands. Not only is he catlike with his reflexes, but he did catch three flies at once. I witnessed it. He swooped them in one fell... Can you believe it? I could not either. I wanted to take a picture with him and the three flies, but I was too lazy to get up and find it in the car. So I didn't take a picture, but you can imagine.

Danielle did say one of the reasons she was drawn to him was his ability to capture animals. A story was shared about him catching a lizard with a noose made of grass at one of her family reunions. I say, "Wha bam! That's amazing." I end by saying this no talent to sniff at and we're related. Cousins in fact. You may ask how rewarding it is to be related to such a man. Very rewarding. The end.

Lisbon Portugal was amazing. I was supposed to fly out of
Nuremburg Tuesday at 6 am and our flight was canceled. We awoke at 4 am in vain. I was tired all day and ended up getting into Lisbon at 4 in the afternoon instead of 12.

Some wonderful office elders, Elder Merrill and Elder Valasquez, picked me up and took me to the train station. I had two hours, so they asked if I wanted to eat. I acquiesced to their request and we went to the third largest mall in the world. They asked if I wanted McD's or Burger King..or some traditional Brazilian food. I picked that. It was a grand affair.

The highlight was when Elder V mentioned Grant gets tons of letters from old girlfriends and I was shocked beyond words..and he amended his statement to old friends that are girls. Funny.

Wednesday was Pday and we wandered around old castles all day. Very cool. Then Thursday I sat in the car while the Parkers checked the missionary apartments for cleanliness. We saw they were setting up for the running of the bulls and one of Gra
nt's old comps rushed down to meet me because he's read some of my awkward stories and loved them.

Friday morning we had breakfast together, Grant, his comp, the Parkers and I. We went to a little breakfast eatery and this gypsy kid hugged Sis. Parker. I thought she knew him, so he came up to hug me I hugged him.

Then Grant told me he wanted to sell me band aids. Awkward! So I checked my camera and wallet and we ate our pastries. He's doing great, we had some fab conversations, and I sure miss him.

Oh, and on the train to the city I was staying in, I passed through Torres Vedras where he's serving. I thought, "Wow, I wonder what Grant is doing right now." Then I heard a tapping on the train window, I turned around, and there he was! He'd run down to the station right before an appointment to see me. Bless his heart!

Overall, Portugal was a grand adventure, but showed me again how much there is to see of this world and how much time I will need to explore it.

PS. I will probably cut my hair next week. Please review my facebook pictures and tell me what I should do with it. I will be looking forward to your input.

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Amy said...

Mer, I'm so jealous of all your adventures, but I think you should come back to utah for a while. I miss our chats. That's all.