Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vanilla Pillows-

The greatest cereal in the world, or so my brother and his companion said in their last pday video. They're found in Portugal and other participating locations and taste like vanilla filled chocolate cereal, which is what they are. My brother made us a video commercial that was hilarious. I'm a terrible video maker, but Grant is an aspiring filmmaker, so that doesn't improve my situation, except to alleviate any concerns I might have had about making a movie, because Grant will make my videos if I need any.

I wish to extrapolate on a question my sister has put to me. 18 vs. 25.

Well, I know I am probably too old to date 18 yr olds, since my brothers Christian and Canute are 17 and 19..meaning their friends would be about 18 and that seems excessively young in principle. But those younger boys are just as nice as the 28 yr old males I know. And quite a bit less jaded if you will. And I'm sure you will. But we can still talk yes? See Sarah..

Nice people come in every age group and I don't think I should be limited to meeting the young or old nice people out there. The half your age add seven rule limits people, thereby limiting my scope of friendship to people within three years of my age on either side and nobody else.

That said, I think I'll put my lower cap at 17 and my higher cap can be reset to 40. I don't think that range will limit my options do you? I mean, yeah, when I get back from mission I may have to reset it, but it's good for now. Readers, what do you think?

To end this whole thing, I heard on the radio yesterday 70% of pet owners actually think their pets can understand what they're saying. I would say Danielle's dog Prince is definitely in the lagging 30%.

Note: I don't think I could actually date any of my younger brothers' friends from Missouri. Seeing their infant faces together in pictures might make me retch at myself...especially in our wedding video. Bulimia..so I'll just say this is clearly a hypothetical situation. I did not recently meet a cool 18 yr old who I am in turmoil about being social comrades with, but only because of all the crap people hypothetically have been giving me.


Sarah Gessel said...

I think that I might have made this point before. But 17 is jail bait. And if you honestly want to ever get in a serious relationship you will have to date someone old enough to have gone on a mission and can get married. As far as age goes. Aspire higher.

Raymond and Amy Lambert Family said...

Agreed (w/ Sarah)...Try at least 23. My little brother (david) isn't even 23 and could you honestly picture yourself married to David?

TPlayer said...

Are you asking about dating or being friends with? There is a difference. I'm much older now than you will be when you're home from your mission and I am great friends with some 18-20 yr olds, but No...I wouldn't date any of them. (Although some ask me to wait for them on their mission-as a joke..or as a desperate plea for letters/packages) :)