Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov 29, 2010

Dad, Thanks for the Thanksgiving news. We didn{t do anything special for Thanksgiving, but we made pupusas the next day. Tday kinda slipped past us here in Guatemala. But I saw the pictures and was supremely jealous. Sorry they resolved the case without you being on the jury...that could{ve been interesting.

Glad you had a great birthday party for mom and Sally Mae. I{m glad you{re cleaning out the house and getting ready to take a trip. Or look for opportunities. Trips are fun and worthwhile. Way to get started. Sorry to hear about Ron Bailey. Deaths are always hard. But we have the plan of salvation, so that{s always a comfort. Christian and Josh are officially giants. Like all my brothers. Very cool. Hope you{re all feeling healthy and spry. Don{t let mom make any chard pies, let her know it{s not rhubarb.

Thanks for your news. Your Tday was definitely colder than my Tday. We didn{t do much, mostly walked and talked to people. Oh, and Friday we made pupusas. So now I know how, pretty simple. The week over was calidad..chivo...or cool. We also taught some lessons. Doesn{t really feel like Christmas. But maybe it will feel like Christmas when more people decorate. Maybe it{s better that way b-c when it feels like Christmas, I{m going to want to be with my family. However, maybe I can block out Christmas this year. I{ll let you know. Love, Hna Peterson

Thanks for all the fun pictures. We don{t have Thanksgiving here, but the pictures were a great reminder of what it would{ve been like had I been there for Tday. Thanks. Today we went to the zoo in Tactic. It{s like 45 minutes away. there were squirrels, a raccoon, bunnies, monkeys, a lion, and a tiger. Also some other animals, but it was pretty small. The highlight was being like 2 feet from a cage of monkeys and having 4 in the cage, so when watching the others, sometimes a monkey would be right there in your face and startle you. Good times.

I got some pictures, but like I said, the readers here don{t read my camera memory. So hopefully I can send some pictures through the mail to you. Coban{s good times. We are having lots of fun, Hna Cabrera and I. We are trying to find people to teach and are getting to know the members here better. The church is true. Love, Hna Peterson

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